IndyCar Fatalities at other Tracks
DRIVER                             DATE             AGE         TRACK                                                        DURING
Al Livingstone        11/01/1910        Atlanta Motordrome              Practice aka "The Dirt Track King"
Ralph Ireland         08/21/1911        Elgin IL                        Practice
William H. Pearce     10/19/1911        Woodland Park, Sioux City IA    Practice
Harry Knight          07/05/1913  23    Columbus OH                     Race aka "Hero of Indy Speedway"
Harry Endicott        09/05/1913        Jackson, MI                     Practice
"Jack" Forest         10/24/1913        El Paso to Phoenix course       Race
Jack Callaghan        02/07/1915  25    Ascot Park, L.A.                Race 100-mile
Guy Knease            05/05/1915        Coffeeville KS                  Race
Clarence O. King      06/27/1915        State Fair Grounds, Sacramento  Race
William Carlson Jr    07/04/1915        Tacoma Speedway                 Race 200-mile  aka "Wild Bill"
Billy Chandler        08/07/1915        Des Moines IA                   Race 300-mile
Richard Clark         11/01/1915        Tuscon AZ                       Practice for AZ Fairgrounds 100
S.L. Price            04/7/1916         Corona Road Race                Practice
Bob Burman            04/08/1916        Grand Boulevard                 Race
Carl Limberg          05/13/1916        Sheepshead Bay Speedway         Race
Jack Peacock          08/27/1916        Kalamazoo Fairgrounds           Race
Harry Horstman        11/10/1916        Santa Monica Road Race Course   Practice
Lewis Jackson         11/18/1916        American Grand Prize            Race
Frank Galvin          12/02/1916        Uniontown Speedway PA           Race - track just opened
Hughie Hughes         12/02/1916   34   Uniontown Speedway PA, After crashing was hit standing by pressbox
Nina V. Torre         03/03/1918        Stockton, CA                    Race   CA then Banned Women Races
S.O. Bottorff         11/03/1919   47   Vail AZ                         Race
Gaston Chevrolet      11/25/1920        Beverly Hills Speedway          Race      He won 1920 Indy 500
Eddie O'Donnell       11/25/1920        Beverly Hills Speedway          Race
Alton Soules          10/01/1921        Fresno Speedway                 Race
Roscoe Sarles         09//17/1922       Kansas City Speedway            Race
Howdy Wilcox          09/04/1923        Altoona Speedway                Race      He won 1919 Indy 500
Joe Boyer             09/01/1924        Altoona Speedway                Race
Jimmy Murphy          09/15/1924        New York State Fairgrounds      Race      He won 1922 Indy 500
Ernie Ansterburg      10/16/1924        Charlotte Speedway              Practice
Fred Wells            04/22/1925        Long Island Motor Parkway       Testing
Ray Cariens           11/29/1925        Culver City Speedway            Race
Jack Foley            07/04/1926        Rockingham Speedway             Qualifying
Fred Comer            10/12/1928        Rockingham Speedway             Race
Ray Keech             06/15/1929        Altoona Speedway                Race      He won 1929 Indy 500
Jimmy Gleason         09/12/1931        New York State Fairgrounds      Qualifying
George Brayen         09/09/1934        New York State Fairgrounds      Race
Al Gordon             01/26/1936        Legion Ascot Speedway           Race
Billy Winn            08/20/1938        Illinois State Fairgrounds      Race
Lou Webb              09/02/1940        New York State Fairgrounds      Race
Mitchell Siemienski   06/22/1941        Langhorne Speedway              Qualifying
Joe Sanko             04/14/1946        Williams Grove Speedway         Race
Bumpy Bumpus          06/16/1946        Flemington Speedway             Race
Bus Wilbert           08/11/1946        Winchester Speedway             Race
George Robson         09/02/1946        Lakewood Speedway               Race     He won 1946 Indy 500
George Barringer      09/02/1946        Lakewood Speedway               Race
Al Putnam             09/15/1946        Indiana State Fairgrounds       Qualifying
Ted Horn              10/10/1948        DuQuoin State Fairgrounds       Race
Bill Sheffler         06/19/1949        Trenton Speedway                Practice
Rex Mays              11/06/1949        Del Mar Speedway                Race
Walt Brown            07/29/1951        Williams Grove Speedway         Warm-up Heat        
Cecil Green           07/29/1951        Funk's Speedway                 Qualifying
Bill Mackey           07/29/1951        Funk's Speedway                 Qualifying
Johnny McDowell       06/08/1952        Milwaukee Mile                  Qualifying
Joe James             11/02/1952        San Jose Speedway               Race
Bob Scott             07/05/1954        Darlington Raceway              Race
Jack McGrath          11/06/1955        Arizona State Fairgrounds       Race
Art Bisch             07/04/1958        Lakewood Speedway               Race
Jimmy Reece           09/28/1958        Trenton Speedway                Race
Marshall Teague       02/11/1959        Daytona International Speedway  Testing
George Amick          04/04/1959        Daytona International Speedway  Race
Dick Linder           04/19/1959        Trenton Speedway                Race
Van Johnson           07/19/1959        Williams Grove Speedway         Race
Ed Elisian            08/30/1959        Milwaukee Mile                  Race
Jimmy Bryan           06/19/1960        Langhorne Speedway              Race     He won 1958 Indy 500
Al Keller             11/19/1961        Arizona State Fairgrounds       Race
Hugh Randall          07/01/1962        Langhorne Speedway              Race
Bill Horstmeyer       08/22/1964        Illinois State Fairgrounds      Race
Bobby Marshman        11/27/1964        Phoenix International Raceway   Testing
Ronnie Duman          06/09/1968        Milwaukee Mile                  Race
Bob Criss             03/12/1973        Phoenix International Raceway   Testing
Jim Hickman           07/31/1982        Milwaukee Mile                  Practice
Jeff Krosnoff         07/14/1996        Toronto street circuit          Race
Gonzalo Rodríguez     09/11/1999        Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca       Practice
Greg Moore            10/31/1999        Auto Club Speedway              Race
Paul Dana             03/26/2006        Homestead-Miami Speedway        Practice
Dan Wheldon           10/16/2011        Las Vegas Motor Speedway        Race      He won 2011 Indy 500
Justin Wilson         08/23/2015        Pocono Raceway                  Race-Died the next day
The list on this page covers deaths that occurred on the National Championship trail.

Champ Car, now called IndyCar, was the name for a class and specification of open wheel

cars used in American Championship car racing for many decades, associated primarily with
the Indianapolis 500.

In 1905 the AAA established the national driving championship
and became the first
sanctioning body for auto racing in the United States. The AAA ceased sanctioning auto
racing in the general outrage over motor racing safety that followed the 1955 Le Mans
disaster. In response, Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Tony Hulman formed USAC
to take over the sanctioning of what was called "championship" auto racing.  USAC was
replaced by CART in 1979 and by INDYCAR in 2008.
MECHANIC                            DRIVER                       DATE                  TRACK                                                 DURING
Milton McCallis       Harry Knight      07/05/1913   Columbus OH                     Race
John O. Jenter        Spencer Wishart   08/22/1914   Elgin National Trophy Race      Race
Paul Franzen          Billy Carlson     07/04/1915   Tacoma Speedway                 Race 200-mile
Morris Keeler         Billy Chandler    08/07/1915   Des Moines IA                   Race 300-mile
Erick Schrader        Bob Burman        04/08/1916   Grand Boulevard                 Race
Roxie Pallotti        Carl Limberg      05/13/1916   Sheepshead Bay Speedway         Race
Dan Colombo           Aldo Franchi      07/15/1916   Omaha Speedway                  Race
Marion Arnold         Andy Burt         08/27/1916   Kalamazoo Fairgrounds           Race
Bert Shields          Gil Andersen      09/04/1916   Cincinnati Motor Speedway       Race
Charles Schwartz      Harry Horstman    11/10/1916   Santa Monica Road Race Course   Practice
France Gaston Weigle  Frank Galvin      12/02/1916   Uniontown Speedway              Race
Lyall Jolls           Eddie O'Donnell   11/25/1920   Beverly Hills Speedway          Race
Harry Barner          Alton Soules      10/01/1921   Fresno Speedway                 Race
Spider Matlock        Al Gordon         01/26/1936   Legion Ascot Speedway           Race
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A grim reminder of the darkness of the board-track era of the 1920s.
This was the Kansas City Speedway, a 1.25-mile oval with turns banked 35 degrees.
On September 17, 1922
Roscoe Sarles, a respected racer with six AAA feature wins
and four starts at Indy, broke a steering knuckle on his Durant, tangled with Pete
DePaolo, and flew over the guard rail. The car landed far below, upside down and on fire
on the spot marked in the lower right. Sarles was trapped beneath and did not survive.
April 19, 1959 at Trenton race track - On the 56th lap of the 100-miler, third-place runner
Don Branson, who had broken the track record qualifying, spun in turn three in the Bob
Estes #9. As shown above,
Dick Linder caught one of his wheels, flew out of the park,
flipped, and perished. Linder, 36, was no kid at the time, but he was moving up. After
amassing over 100 feature wins in the Pennsylvania area, Linder had run some
NASCAR on the Beach and was now trying USAC. He was driving the Jake Vargo
KK4000 and hoped to make Indy the next month.
Nov 6, 1949 - Rex Mays was running in 2nd at the Del Mar horse track in California.  
On the 13th lap, Mays’ “Wolfe Special” caught a rut and flipped, throwing him from
the car. Rex, who adamantly refused to wear a seat belt, had been thrown out onto
the middle of the track. Eyewitnesses watched as several cars nearly missed and
hit Mays while he was lying prone on the ground, but physicians attributed his death
to a broken neck, likely caused when he hit the ground head first.
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