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Practice & Qualifying for the IndyCar GMR Grand Prix
at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Friday, May 13, 2022
It was a sunny day with clear skies and getting hot.  
I drove to the track and only brought my camera.

I parked in Main Gate parking, which cost me $10.  
They parked me in the back of the lot.  Ugh.

I spoke to a young couple with two little kids, who
parked next to me.  They had moved to Indy five
years ago and this was their first trip to the

I entered the Main Entrance.  I spotted the scanner
trailer and headed there.

The owner had spoken to me earlier this month on
the phone.  I listed his web site link on my site and
he said it brought him a lot of business and led to
him getting this location inside the speedway for his
trailer.  He wanted to give me something.  I told him
I always wanted a scanner, and voila!  I'm now an
official race fan!
I forgot to bring a schedule with me and I don't have a cell phone.  
I walked down and out of the stands and found someone who
knew.  I looked at my watch and decided I was not going to wait
around that long and then get stuck in rush hour. I was hot &
thirsty, so I trudged back to my car, not having seen an IndyCar
all day.

As I headed home, I turned on the radio and learned IndyCar
Qualifying had just started!  Ack!  How did that happen?!

I looked at my watch and discovered I had not adjusted it for
Day Light Savings Tme!  It isn't a watch I normally wear.
He had a problem getting a new type of scanner to hook up to his computer
so he could program them.  I spent an hour or so seeing if I could get it to

I took a break and walked outside the trailer to have a smoke.  I talked to a
guy in his 20's who was a big fan.  We compared party stories in the infield
from two different generations.  He offered me a cold beer, which I sorely

I never got the guys scanner to connect, but I had found the right manual and
told him he could manually program it, but he didn't want to do that.  Anyway,
I brought it home with me and said I'd try to figure it out.

By this time, I'd missed the IndyCar practice session.
I walked to Stand E and went to check out where I'll be sitting for the race.
My New Scanner
I hope these children enjoyed their field trip to the speedway!
(IMS ticket office in background)
My seat for the 500.  Section 7, top row.
Oh darn, I'll be right up against this steel I-beam.  However I'll have this view of the main straight.
View from Penthouse E
Above Stand E, between Box 1 & 2
Photos from Indy Pro 2000 Race
#93 Lindsay Brewer - Exclusive Autosport
#83 Charles Finelli - Fatboy Racing
Note - Don't expect people to read light yellow print on a white background!
#19 Jordan Missig - Pabst Racing
#2 Jonathan Browne - Turn 3 Motorsport
#47 Enaam Ahmed - Juncos Hollinger Racing
#4 Reece Gold - Juncos Hollinger Racing
#3 Josh Green - Turn 3 Motorsport
#5 Wyatt Brichacek - Jay Howard Driver Development
I took photos from various locations around Stand E and Penthouse E
to bolster my seat knowledge for this web site.

Stand E is the most desired stand for the race, but there are various
obstructions there. The other Upper Decks were totally rebuilt a few years
ago and the lower 7 rows there have no obstructions.  I wish they would
have redone Stand E as well

I then sat in some of the best seats in Penthouse E to watch the Indy Pro
2000 race.
Check out her