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I watched what was happening at the track on TV and left for the track after watching some of the
Indy Lights race.  I parked in Lot 1A.  I had originally bought General Admission and an infield parking
pass  back in 2019 for the 2020 race.  But that got postponed due to the pandemic.  The Speedway
decided to not allow any infield parking or infield seating for this month.  So they sent me their
"flex pass" which meant I could sit far out in NW Vista or SW Vista and park in Lot 1A.

The day started out beautiful, and the forecast said there was a chance of rain later.

I took my new zoom lens and a cooler.

I did not want to sit in NW Vista.  There were track employees checking tickets to the entrance of the
stands.  Then, at one entrance, the two employees got caught up checking in a group and I walked
around them and got through with no one checking my ticket.  Yea.

I sat in Stand H, section 22, which is about where I wanted to be.  However, I didn't want to get
mixed up in taking someone's seat, so I sat very low where there wasn't likely to be any ticket holders.  
That worked out well for me.

Through the race, I snacked on some candy and a sandwich I'd brought and drank a beer or two.  

I used my binoculars often to look at the jumbotron.  I am immune and never wore a mask today.

My new zoom lens is too powerful and not very good for where I was sitting.

There did not seem to be much passing today, as compared to the Harvest GP last fall.

The wind was coming from SSE, instead of the usual SSW, so I had a nice breeze all day.  
It became cloudy later in the race.  Temperatures may have reached 70.  

I ran into my friends Tim and Jenn when I went for a walk.  There were some sprinkles, but it never
developed into anything.

While rookie ex-F1 driver Romain Grosjean won the pole and led the first part of the race,
Rinus VeeKay won his first IndyCar race!
The GMR Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Saturday, May 15, 2021
Before the start, the IndyCar drivers were paraded around the track to wave to the crowd.
Ed Carpenter Racing's Rinus VeeKay looking confident!
Conor Daly with Ed Carpenter Racing
rookie Scott McLaughlin, with Team Penske
With 15-20 minutes to go before green flag, I walked out of the stands to lean against the property
fence and have a smoke.  I liked the music coming over the P.A. - Cake and AC/DC.  I"m glad
Penske hasn't changed the rock music for the 500 that the Hulman's had started.
While outside the track, the race flyover came - 4 helicopters
Corvette Pace Car
The above situation resulted in Conor Daly stopping in the grass,
his race finished before it could begin.