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IndyCar 500 Time Trials
Day 1

Saturday, May 18, 2019
D.R. and I left for the speedway at 10:30 a.m.

It was going to get hot and I figured there wouldn't be any track
action after the initial qualifying until 5 pm.  (I was wrong.)

So, I planned to just go watch that and I didn't take any food or
drinks. (I would regret that.)

I parked along Crawfordsville Rd as no home owners were out
selling parking spots in their yards.  DR payed the $10 parking
fee to a group called Speedway Trails.  It’s a non-profit org to
build trail system in the town of Speedway.

It was 11 a.m. and qualifying had just started, so I was in a
hurry to get to a seat.  The walk to gate 1 was not far.

I was surprised that the 90-year-old gate attendant wanted to
search my fanny pack.  Really?   What could he possibly be
looking for in my tiny pack?   Sigh.  I'm surprised he didn't
search my sunglasses case.

We immediately went to the elevators to get up to Penthouse
B.   We then walked over to E Penthouse and sat in Box 2,
Row C, arriving at 11:15 a.m  Qualifying had started 15 minutes
Roberto Moreno was just a fan today.
Jordan King.
Ed Carpenter Racing has 3 entries in
the Indy 500 - himself, Ed Jones (his car
pictured here,) and Spencer Pigot, who
was the Fastest Driver of the Day!
Helio Castroneves car
The Alley Cats!  

I stop by and talk to Mike each year.

He is celebrating his 50th Indy 500!

He's been bringing his two daughters
(shown) since they were babies.
For the few minutes I stood there, I
recognized a lot of people going by or
standing around talking,  

Here's Michael Andretti.

I saw George Steinbrenner IV.  He's
the right size to be a race car driver.  
Harding Steinbrenner car coming through
Gasoline Alley.  

Their driver is Colton Herta.
Matheus Leist
Graham Rahal
Little Jimmy always wondered why his father
never brought him back to the track again....
Pato O'Ward
James Hinchcliffe

He smacked the turn two wall hard
during his qualifying attempt.
Scott Dixon
Helio Castroneves,

You're car is so bright.

I need a polaroid lens.
Ryan from Chicago south side.                             D.R. from Indianapolis south side.
The crowd to my left.
and to my right.
The speedway has branched out far into Georgetown Road,
closing it to car traffic in preparation for next weekend's Indy 500.
The guy sitting next to me was keeping
track of qualifying speeds with a pencil
and paper!  Cool.  Old school...

I enjoyed talking to him.  He knows a lot
about IndyCar.  His grandma was a big
Indy 500 fan and began bringing him.  
She's no longer with us, but he has
continued returning.

He got married last year and brought his
bride to the race.  She'll accompany him
again next week.

Sounds like the start of a new family
After the sun moved and the front row
was in shade, I moved down there to
take better photos.   
As people munched on snacks around me, I regretted
not bringing food and drinks.

At 2:15 pm, most of the cars had made a qualifying
attempt and I thought I’d leave and go get some chow.

DR joined me.  There was no line at the elevator yet.

We walked down to the paddock.     

I wanted to get up close to the track as cars zipped
by several feet away at 237 mph.
The penthouse stand had been mostly
full of guys.  Once I was out and about,
I saw there were lots of women and
children around the speedway too.
Then we headed down to the pedestrian tunnel that
goes under the track and comes out on the other side
by the Pagoda.   

I bought a tenderloin sandwich ($10) and a Rum
Runner ($10).   I found a spot to sit down on a
concrete wall along a line of shade trees to eat.
We headed toward Gasoline Alley after
I finished my sandwich.
We went back along the road that is between the Chevy
stuff and the souvenir trailers.   

There was a blacked-out mysterious tent whose sign
said "Vuse."  Some people out front check your I.D. to make
sure you're not a minor, and see if you are a tobacco user.
They won't tell you what's inside.  Silly.  

Once you’re in, they want to take a photo of your Drivers

After they tell you about their vaping system and give you a
coupon, they let you try out their Virtual Reality goggles.
It's a IndyCar two-seater ride around IMS.  I'd never tried VR
goggles before.  It was cool - as you look around, your view
changes perfectly.

After that, DR and I began the walk back to the car.   
It was 3:30pm.   It was getting pretty hot, at least 85-degrees.
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