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Video of Start of Trans-Am Race
Brickyard Vintage Race Invitational
Saturday, June 17, 2017
I got up at 8:30 am.  Ron was going with me today, but he didn't
show up till noon.

It was a fairly hot steamy day.

We dropped the top on the Pontiac and took Harding St north,
hitting Oliver, Belmont and finally Lafayette Rd to get to 30th Street.  
Then over to Georgetown Rd.

We had passes to the Hulman Terrace Suite, but no parking
passes.  I turned in at gate 9A anyway and told the lady in a booth
that we had suite tickets and she waved us on.  We came around
to the tunnel and popped out on the north end of Tower Terrace.  

To our left we saw that someone had constructed a four-wheel-
drive testing area, with big dirt hills and berms.  Range Rovers
were slowly crawling around and up and down on them.  Looked
like fun.  [Update: Tim and Jen got caught in the rain later in the
day and camped out under the tower terrace where they could
see this Range Rover playground.  The rain had made the course
muddy, and they were laughing as the SUVs on street tires all got

Since we didn't have a parking permit displayed, the yellow shirts
kept waving us on until we ended up close to the museum.  I turned
around and went back the way I came.  I entered a parking area for
competitors and parked my car between a semi and some race
teams.  As we walked toward the Pagoda, we saw many different
types of race cars.

Since the charity ProAm race was just about to start, Ron and I
headed to sit high at the south end of theTower Terrace so we
wouldn't miss the start.
All the cars were from the 1960s.  The majority of them were
Mustangs and Corvettes.  There were a few Camaros and a
Jaguar and a couple Shelby Cobras.

Boy were they loud!  Probably the loudest cars I've ever
heard at the track.

We sat back to enjoy some food and beer and watch the

I could tolerate the noise, but it was so loud that it was
causing that tickle in my ear which indicates I'm receiving
hearing damage.  So I decided to go and get some ear

We walked into the plaza and there were some super old
motorcycles on display as well as some modern bikes.
I was looking at these three big fat bikes with huge rear tires
and was surprised to see they were Suzuki Boulevards.  I
used to have one, but it looked like your regular Harley
bagger.  Boy have they changed!

My friends Tim and Jen found us as they were on their way
to the craft beer concession in the plaza.  We talked to them
a little while.

We walked toward Gasoline Alley and saw a couple of cars
to look at.  I was really expecting many many more cars and
bikes in this area.
Pro Am Cars
The garages were open to the public, so we walked through
there.  There was a variety of race cars and motorcycles.

I went to buy some earplugs and they were $2.  But then
they add tax and it was $2.14.  I didn't want  a bunch of
change in my pockets as they were already full of stuff I
needed, so I didn't buy them.  I wish all stores would just
price stuff with tax included.  That would make everything
so much easier.

I noticed that the stage for the concert tonight was set up in
the middle of the plaza facing east.  There were a bunch of
round tables and chairs set up all over the place like for a
dinner party.  Strange.  The Guess Who is playing tonight
at 7p and really wanted to see them, but we would end up
leaving before that.
an old Indian motorcycle
The Fllying Merkel
I believe this is the 1968 Turbine IndyCar - the flying wedge
Ron and I went to the spot where we can catch a golf cart
over to the suites on the outside of the track.  It never
came, so we had to walk there.

Once at the suites, we ordered Nachos with everything
($12.)  It was heavy with a ton of toppings.  I wondered if
there were any nachos under all that stuff?  We stayed
inside in the A/C and ate it, but neither of us came close
to finishing it all.  We were stuffed.

We then moved to the stadium seating outside.  We saw
the awards for the winners of the ProAm race.  Sarah
Fisher was one of the winners.  

Next up was the Trans-Am race.  It looked to have lots of
Mustangs and Camaros too, but these were new race
cars with carbon fiber bodies.  Also were Corvettes, 911s
and a Challenger.
1967 Gilbert Cheetah
After it was over, we decided to leave.

Soon it would rain so we were happy we left when we did.