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MotoGP at Indianapolis

Sunday August 9, 2015
E.T. drove down from Michigan yesterday to go to the races
with me.  

The weather report showed a huge rainstorm that looked like
it covered the entire state of Indiana.

I entered Speedway from the west and parked in the Funeral
Home parking lot near the track for $15.  It must have been
12:20 p.m. as we heard the Moto2 race start as we walked to
the track.

We didn't have tickets, but $50 general admissions would get
us into the paddock stands where there was a roof.  I still
brought my umbrella, although it was not raining.

We came upon some ticket scalpers on the way in, and I
ended up buying a pair of tickets for $80.  

We went to those seats and they were great - Penthouse E,
Box 5, Row C.  The whole E Penthouse was full.
We could see the bikes coming down the straight and
negotiating the first 3 turns.  We could also see them a little
as they headed down the back straight.  The new huge TV's
provided great coverage as well.
Moto2 going through turns 2 and 3
It was hot and muggy.

After the Moto2 race ended, I checked out the snack bar.  
The line was huge.  Good thing we brought our own food
and beer.  

Out there on the walkway was a nice breeze and we stood
around there and smoked.

We went back to our seats for the big event.

The MotoGP race was great.   They were much louder than
the Moto2 bikes.

Jorge Lorenzo, starting 3rd on his Yamaha, grabbed the
lead from pole sitter
Marc Marquez by the first turn.

Their team-mates would battle the rest of the race for third
As the race was winding down, the crowd cheered as
Valentino Rossi got around Dani Pedrosa.  Pedrosa would
capture 3rd place back and they would pass each other a few
times with Rossi finally getting on the podium for Yamaha.

With 3 laps to go, Marquez got past Lorenzo for the lead, which
we witnessed in front of us.   He pulled out a small lead and
captured the race.  Still unbeaten!

I could not believe that it NEVER rained!

We stayed in our seats for all the award ceremonies, then we
left to go to the infield.  I wanted to check out the motorcycle
company display tents.

We ran into some friends (Michie, Patrick, his kid and D.R.).
They had Tower Terrace Suite tickets.  In the suites, one of the
foods they always cater here is Fried Biscuits and Apple Butter,
a very delicious treat.  I think it's an Indiana thing and E.T. had
never tried them.  So, we went with them back to their suite so
E.T. could eat a few.  

Unfortunately the food  was all put away .  Since there was one
last race to be ran for the day, we joined our friends in sitting
out in the suite's seats.  A new support series came this year,
displacing the Harleys from prior years.  The new series is
called MotoAmerica Superbike and Superstock 1000.
MotoGP through turns 1 and 2
Superbike / Superstock 1000
Before the race could end, it started to lightly rain.  Since the
bikes were on slicks, the race got red flagged.

We said our goodbyes and walked back to the tents.
I ended up buying a couple Yamaha shirts.

We grabbed a pedicab who took us to the exit gate by the
ticket office.

We crossed the road and checked out a couple of trailers
selling stuff.  I bought another Tshirt.  This one featuring the
1965 Indy 500 Lotus car of Jim Clarke. (a few days later, some
drunk guy in a bar wanted it and tried and tried to buy it from
me, to no avail.)

I forgot and left my camera in the car today, so I had E.T. take
some pictures with his iphone 6 plus.

Since there is a serious lack of photos here, I will make it up to
you by posting photos of grid girls that were at the track this
weekend.  Enjoy!