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Sunday May 24, 2015
I didn't go to bed until 4:30 a.m. I was so pumped.  I don’t
remember getting any sleep, but I probably fell asleep for
short periods without realizing it.  Luckily, I didn’t feel bad
when I got up at 9:30 am.

ET and I were trying to leave at 10:15, but it took longer
and we had to wait on DR.  We finally got going about 11.

We drove through town.  There was a long line on 16th
Street.  I figured we'd miss the start of the race.

We eventually got inside and parked over behind the
museum.  I told my friends to go on to the seats while I went
to rent a scanner and headphones.  This was my first time
trying to use that equipment for a race.
The rental place was closer than I expected and I got to our
seats before the start!

Randy (the trucker I sold the extra ticket to), DR and ET were
already there at the seats.

The weather was perfect today – not too hot.  It was windy

The race was great!  Exciting with not too many cautions and
lots of passing at the end.

Juan Montoya won!  That’s cool.  He won easily in his first
attempt back in 2000 when he was driving for Ganassi in
CART, before he went to F1.  He finished 5th last year upon
his return to IndyCar.

We stayed up in the stands a long time.

We finally headed to the garages.  I took everyone's coolers
and told the guys I’d take them back to the car and they
could go on into the garages.

So I’m walking along in the middle of Hulman Blvd with cars
to my right exiting, when a very cool new McLaren comes
out of the garage area.  He stopped to let me walk out of his
way.I look over and see Marco Andretti driving.  I said,
"Marco?!"  And he smiled and nodded.

Back at the car were a group of older guys and 2 chicks.  
This one blond chick with big tits started flirting with me, so
I hung out there.  She was drunk.  They were from Ohio.  
The guys weren't too crazy about her hanging out with me
and decided to leave, but they couldn't get her to leave.

Eventurally they did and I walked over and turned my
scanner in.  Then I walked around to the garage area.  
Most everyone was gone from there by then.  I did see
Helio Castroneves and Charlie Kimball.

DR and ET called.  They were back at the car.  I told told
them I would return.  

Once back, I found out they had never went to the garages,
but were waiting on me the whole time!  Oh brother!

We set up chairs and opened up the cooler and did some

We left after 6 pm and drove right out with no traffic.

Back home,  Michie and Ron came over and joined us in
watching the race on TV.  (The race is not broadcast live in
Indiana - you have to wait until 7 or 8pm.)

I grilled hamburgers for everyone.  What a great day!
Fans During Singing of National Anthem
Everyone made it through the first turn on the first lap, but not turn 2.
#8 Sage Karam hit the wall in front of us sliding into turn 2 against the wall,
which triggered another accident involving #5 Ryan Briscoe
We saw this big fire over in Turn 3.
Later I learned it was part of the DJ show in the Fakepit.

Ha! I just thought of that.  Fake pit, instead of Snakepit.
It shares no resemblance with the original of the 70's and
Ed Carpenter's Race Ended On Lap 110.  He tangled with Oriol Servia
First Turn of First Lap - Some Cars Went Through It Three Wide!
To Our Left Was Turn One
To Our Right Was Turn Two
All day, five airplanes were flying side by side and pumping out smoke puffs forming words.  
I've never seen that before.
Turn Two Viewing Hill and the Turn Two Suites
With 5 Laps to Go, Will Power was leading, followed by Scott Dixon and Juan Montoya.
Juan Montoya taking his Victory Lap with his family and Roger Penske.
They drove really slow.  I remember when they used to scoot around pretty fast sitting on the trunk!
By Lap 2,  Juan Montoya was leading, followed by Will Power, Charlie Kimball and Scott Dixon.
This was the finishing order.
Fans Begin Leaving
Charlie Kimball Talks To A Fan
Helio Castroneves Poses With Some Vodka Guzzling Women
Marco Andretti's Car - He Finished 6th Today.
Graham Rahal's Car - He Finished 5th Today
Ed Carpenter's Car - He Finished a disappointing 30th
It's cool how they store the cars in the
The Scanner and Headphones Experience -
I really didn't need them as I could hear the P.A. system.
I could switch over to TV coverage and IndyCar coverage.
I didn't really listen to the drivers because you end up listening
to a lot of dead air.
They fit securely and really block out the sound around you.
The earpieces make your ears sweaty.
When I wasn't wearing them, they were in the way.
They are pretty neat though.
As usual, we took a variety of import and small batch
domestic beers in 16 oz cans.  We also had sandwiches
and munchies.  Back at the car I had fried chicken.
All photos on this page were taken by my Canon Video