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First Day of Time Trials
Saturday May 16, 2015
My good friend Ron works at the local Honda plant and he
scored two passes to the Gasoline Alley Suites.  These
suites are on the main straight, above the old F1 garages.

I got up at 9 and wanted to be there before 11.  However,
Ron didn't show up in time for that.

We knew there was a good chance of rain today, in fact it
rained at my house on the south side this morning.  
However we went anyway.  I brought my camera in hope of
getting a pit pass and getting some good pics in today.

I tuned the radio to AM 1070.  We heard Huertas and
Hunter-Reay qualify!

It started raining as we got close to the speedway.

We parked in the North 40.  I left my camera in the car.

Ron wore a rain coat and I had a hat and a little umbrella.  
I don't know what is wrong with his coat, but he was
completely soaked and cold by the time we returned to the
car a few hours later.  I was dry except for my feet.

As we waited for the tram, the rain started coming down
really hard.  A speedway van pulled up and gave us a lift to
our suite.
The Honda suite was close to the pagoda and was a large
suite.  Ron didn't recognize anyone in there.  We ate lunch.

What was on the buffett:
Fried Chicken, fried biscuits with apple butter, potato salad,
slaw, beans, cookies, lemonade and tea.  ACK!  They
didn't offer any alcohol in the Honda suite.  Not even saki.

We ate our full and browsed a gift shop.  As it rained,
everyone was seeking shelter, huddled under overhangs
and tents and inside gift shops.

We caught another courtesy van back out to the North 40.

I drove to the Indianapolis Museum of Art as they have a cool
car display showing amazing concept cars from decades
ago - including a Bugatti.  However, IMA recently went from
free admission to $18 and Ron didn't want to pay it.  So we

The Broad Ripple Art Fair was going on too, but there was
so much non-stop rain, we just drove home through the city
streets, which were very flooded.

It stopped raining finally and we went grocery shopping and
had a great cookout that included rib-eyes, shrimp, and corn
on the cob.
Children set up lemonade stands this year.