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Friday, July 25, 2014
E.T. sat around all morning playing Portal on the PS3 while
I did yard work.

At 3:30 pm we headed to the track.
It was still a cool overcast day.
We drove the G6 taking I-465 to Crawfordsville Rd.
I drove almost to Georgetown Rd and parked for $10.
We found a scalper on the way who sold us tickets for
$15 each.  
We walked right in and immediately went up to the
Penthouse level on the outside of Turn 1.  I thought we
were in E, but after looking around, I noticed we were in
B.  They were good seats.

We sat there and watched the end of the Continental Tire
Sportscar Challenge, which consists mainly of sportcars
that are pretty stock.  We missed the NASCAR guys
today.  They were only using the oval.

We ate the sandwiches we had brought.

I discovered that the battery in my camera was dead,
so I did not get any photos.  Sorry.

After that race, we walked over to E  Penthouse and
found good seats in section 1 or 2 on Row B..

Great seats for watching the sport cars, who go in the
opposite direction than that of the Nascar races.

The Brickyard GP features the Tudor United Sportscar
Series.  They had much more sophisticated cars and
professional drivers than the prior race.  

They were loud and they all sounded different as there is
a wide variety of engine types – V8, V10 and V12s.  

This race lasted 2.5 hours and we stayed for the whole

We bought a couple hot dogs.  They were tasty.  

Halfway through the race, the sun came out.  I’d drank
about three beers.

We walked through the pits on the way out and I walked
along with and talked to Joao Barbaso, who is a super
star in sport cars and whom won the race in his Corvette DP.

When we left, we dropped the top and headed to
downtown.  I parked over at IUPUI and we went to the
Ribfest at Military Park for food and music.  
We left there at 11 pm.