Sunday, Aug 19, 2012
ET & I went and picked up Ron at 10 a.m.
Greg met us there to give us our tickets.

We parked across the street from the speedway for $20.  
BW was waiting on us to get his tickets.  
We got there in time to watch the first race, which was Moto3.

Greg gave us all $80 tickets in SW Vista, Section 17, Row L.  Thanks Greg!  
He joined us in time for the Moto2 race.

We all brought our own beer and subs.

Absolutely Beautiful Weather today.
This is the view directly in front
of our seats.
"Ducati Island"
These stands were set up for the
Ducati fans and customers.
Me, ET, Ron, Joe, Lara, Julia
Greg on Yamaha Monster race bike
Jake and Lara
I wanted to leave after the MotoGP race
because I'd seen the Harleys yesterday
and they were SO slow.  However, E.T.
wanted to stay and see the race, so we

And, they were really slow.

Personally, I'm not a fan of heavy
motorcycles, or any heavy vehicle for that
matter.  I prefer light and maneuverable,
which also aids in speed.  So when this
rider dumped and was unable to pick up
his bike, I laughed my head off.    
(He was a really little guy though.)

We left and Ron rode home with Greg and

We had some trouble getting out of the
parking lot due to traffic.  BW was waiting
at my house as he wanted some of my
Kentucky Bourban Beer.  

Julia drove around in my convertible
while BW rode my 64 Vespa, ET took my
Vespa 300 and I rode my Ducati Mulitstrada.

ET headed back to Michigan at 6 as he
had to work tomorrow.
Since ET and I walked all over the
place yesterday, we stayed in our
seats all day. Ron stayed wtih us

Everyone else took off and walked
around the infield to check out the
sights.  They returned during the
MotoGP race.  

(BW took the last half of these
I'd never seen a hair-style like this
Ron, Lara, BW
Over 65,000 people showed up
At first, Ben Spies was leading this race.  
His engine blew and Dani Pedrosa went
on to pull out a big 10 second lead and
won the race.

They played the Spain national anthem
and E.T. and I sang "Spain, Spain, Spain..."
since we didn't know the words nor do we
speak Spanish.

In between the MotoGP race and the Harley
XR1200 race, some trick riders came out
on the track and did some wheelies and
In addition to this flyover, some guys
later parachuted out of an airplane.
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