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July 29, 2012
BW showed up this morning around 11:30 a.m.
We only had general admission tickets to the race today.
Originally we had planned to drive the car and take coolers ,
lawn chairs, a tent for shade, and all the rest of the gear.
The weather was supposed to hit 90 degrees.
Instead, BW rode my Ducati Multistrada and I rode my
Vespa 300 Sport.  The only thing we took with us was
some beer in my top case.

We drove through town and avoided the highways.

We came in off 16th Street encountering no traffic.  Since we
were on bikes, they let us in to park in motorcycle parking.

We grabbed a beer and headed toward the paddock.

Once we were on the edge of it, we were not allowed in.  
This year the speedway was using the old F1 garages for  
NASCAR and they had the whole area fenced off to keep
fans that didn't have seats out.   We did not get to go to
Gasoline Alley.  We did not get to go out and walk along pit
road or around the Pagoda Tower.  LAME.
So, we walked back to the middle road
where we caught a bicycle taxi who took
us down to Turn 3.

On the way, we passed a car corral that
had a lot of cool cars, including Vettes
and Challengers.
Turn 3 Infield

We got there in time for the invocation
and national anthem.
The flyover was by two Ospreys.
Strange looking aren't they?
Apparently their giant propellers rotate so that
they can lift straight off the ground like a helicopter,
then rotate forward to fly like an airplane.  They
looped around the entire track.
Indiana has been suffering from the worst
drought in 50 years.    

The grass in most peoples' yards are
brown and dead.

I was shocked at the lush green grass on
the viewing hill.
Off in the distance you can see people
huddled under trees in the shade.

I doubt these people could see the race.
This little baby is 2 months old.
This video was created by BW
today using his cell phone.

We had a good time today.  
Brian appreciated going to the
track and not lugging a bunch of
stuff around and being tied down
to one spot.

We drove our bikes out as soon
as Jimmie Johnson won the race
(for the 4th time.)  We drove
through downtown, encountering
no traffic, and got home quickly.

Later, some friends came over
and we watched the race on TV.
We walked along the back straight winding
our way south.  There were people all along
the viewing hills, but it was not too crowded.  

There was one concession stand open in
Turn 3, where we bought a 16 oz
Budweiser for $5.

The problem with being in the infield is that
you don't have TV screens nor can you hear
the p.a. system so that it is difficult to follow
the race.   Also, the cars were so noisy it
was hard to talk to anyone.

What would be nice to have if you are going
to hang out in the infield for a race are some
good headphones hooked up to an intercom
so that you can talk to your friends and also
a scanner so that you can hear how the race
is going.
Back to where we started.
The inside stands in the south chute.
The fountain in front of the musuem.

I was hungry and we hit the concession
stand, but they were out of sandwiches
and ketchup.  I ended up with some
nachos, chicken strips and french fries
for $12.  They were not very good.
By the look of all these old race stickers,
this van has been to a lot of races.
Memorial to Louis Chevrolet
Dan's Race Journals