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Indianapolis 500 RACE DAY
May 27, 2012
ET and I had a good time last night driving around town.

His cousin Doug from NY flew in for the race.  We met
up with him downtown.  We  had drinks downtown
MacNivens,  Chatterbox and at the Rathskeller's
outdoor Biergarten.)   We cruised the street partyers
out by the Speedway.  And ended up having drinks in
Broadripple. (the Alley Cat and the

There were a couple friends waiting for us at my house,
so we headed there to pick them up.  We went out for
more fun and got home at 3 a.m.

I awoke today at 10:30 a.m needing some aspirin.  

I had planned to get to the track early for once, but
ended up getting there later than ever.   The race starts
at noon and I don't think we even left my house until 1pm.  

I took my pocket camera today.
We found a close spot to park and headed in.

The race was at lap 60 of 200.

Our seats were great.   The temperature got
up to 91 today, so it was nice being in the

The Speedway handed out white cardboard
sunglasses to everyone today to be worn on
certain laps in tribute to Dan Wheldon who
got killed last year at the Vegas race.  He
won the 500 last year.  He wore white
Oakley sunglasses.

We sat in Box 15, Row K, seats 3-4 of
Stand E.  These seats were actually better
than the "sweet spot" seats because there
were not so many support bars in the way of
your vision.    All the wrecks happened in
Turn 1 in front of me.

The race was great, with exciting passing.
I was rooting for Scott Dixon today and he
was often in the lead.

On the last lap, Dario Franchitti was leading
and Takuma Sato tried to pass him in Turn 1.  
Sato lost traction and spun into the wall.  
The yellow flag was thrown and Franchitti
won his 3rd Indy 500.  His team-mate Scott
Dixon finished 2nd.

Normally I hang out for a few hours
afterward, but today we booked out of there
fast and was in the car and on the road
before anyone.  I was home by 3:42!  This
was the quickest 500 trip I have ever had.
Video clip of last lap from my seat, showing Takuma Sata crashing while attempting to take the lead from Dario Franchitti.
In tribute to 2-time Indy 500 Winner
Dan Wheldon, who died racing last Fall in
the Las Vegas Indy 300, the speedway
handed out these white sunglasses for
the fans to wear at the start of the race.
(Wheldon wore white Oakley sunglasses.)
Dan's Race Journals