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Indianapolis 500 POLE DAY
May 20, 2012
Sunday was another sunny day.

I drove my scooter to the track today.  I parked in
motorcycle parking at 4pm and walked to the
museum gift store to buy a Scott Dixon t-shirt.  
The shop has some really awesome wall art for sale.  
I saw guys out practicing who had qualified yesterday.

There was a giant screen TV behind me.  When I looked, it appeared
everyone was running slow (eg. 212 mph)

While I could hear the speaker system loud and clear yesterday in
Penthouse B, I could not hear it in section 13 of the South Terrace
today.  I walked down toward the center of the stand and then I could
hear it.

I never did see any cars come out to qualify.  I had seen on TV around
2 p.m. that the field was full.  I'm not sure if any bumping took place
today.  I'll watch today's qualifying later on DVR and report on the
2012 500 News Page.
People were enjoying the fountain.

I bought a couple of Jack n Cokes ($6
each) and walked back to the cycle
area, and around it to the South Terrace.

I sat in the top corner and peeled off my
shirt to get some sun.  There was not
many people there today, at least from my

A lot of cars came out and practiced.  
It got pretty exciting with up to 8 cars
running around in a pack.  

I could almost imagine I was watching
the race at moments.

I only had my pocket camera with me

Have I mentioned yet that these new
Indy cars are not as loud as in years
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