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Indianapolis 500 POLE DAY
May 19, 2012
Ron and I parked on Main Street, close to 16th Street
at 4pm for free 3-hour-limit parking.  

I could not find Jack n Cokes today so we settled for
some wine cooler.  

We made it to some penthouse seats at exactly
4:30pm to catch the Fast Nine Qualifying.  
My timing continues to be amazing... :-)

I sat in B Penthouse, Sect 25, Row B,  seat 7 -
excellent view!
Marco Andretti qualified on the inside of Row 2.

I would have liked to see the Corvette ZR1 race around, but it never budged.
We've had nothing but sunshine this week,
but the temperature has progressively been
rising and today it hit 88.  I was glad I was
in the shade.

Ryan Briscoe soon captured the pole with
an average 4-lap speed of 226.484.

James Hinchcliffe came out and almost hit
227 mph on his first lap.  The crowd went
wild.  But, he got slower on subsequent laps
until he lost the pole position by a split second.
I was at the far south end of B Penthouse.
Here you can see where it butts up
against E Penthouse.

We're a few rows lower.
Interestingly, B Penthouse has folding
metal chairs unlike all the other stands
which have bleachers.
Sit in the wrong seat and a support beam
may block your view of the front straight.
It may be blurry but I was proud to even
capture the car in the frame.

This was Josef Newgarden speeding
by me at 225 mph.
We bought a couple of Bloody Marys from the Penthouse snack bar.  They were great!

At the conclusion of qualifying, we got right out and to the car quickly and encountered no traffic jams.

We later had turf and surf at Hal's Fabulous Vegas lounge in Greenwood.  It was delicious!
This picture was taken from E stand sect 15.

NTB (National Tire & Battery) have a huge
advertisemnt painted in the 1st Turn grass.

There was a good size crowd out today.
This HUGE Air Force jet flew over.
It was so big that it looked like it
was going slow.

Its landing gear and flaps were
coming down.
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