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Indianapolis 500 - Fast Friday
May 20, 2011
We had great weather today for a change.  Sunny
and 80 degrees.

I drove my Vespa 300 to Speedway around noon.  
I cut through downtown.  I came down 16th in the far
left lane, meaning to get over in one of the right two
lanes so I could pull into the track.  I wasn't paying
enough attention and blew by the entrance.  There
was tons of traffic.  I ended up driving all the way to
the entrance off of Georgetown Rd  (Gate 7?)  and
found out motorcycles have to go to Gate 2, which
is the one I passed by over off of 16th Street.  This
all took a lot of time as there was so much traffic.
It appeared that they were no longer letting any
more cars in unless they had a pass already.  But
they always make room for bikes.
I headed over to Gasoline Alley and talked to
Mike of the Alley Cats.  

He said they had a driver in there yesterday.
Mike and the Alley Cats
hang out By Gasoline Alley
all day in their own fenced
in spot.  Good spot for
watching the girls, drivers
and cars go by.
Then I hung out in front of the Pagoda for awhile.  
Today brought out many pretty girls.

This was the lowest chopper I've ever seen!

I wore this funny shirt but no one noticed.  
Instead of Scuderia Ferrari, it's Scuderia
Dachshund.  Instead of a Prancing Horse,
its a Prancing Weiner Dog!

Well, its funny to me anyway.

When I got home, I found out I finally got
the tickets I've been wanting - NW Vista
Deck!  Woo Hoo!  

Then later, some race fan from NJ
contacted me offering me a cold pass
to the pits for race day!!!  Wow, my
lucky day!

As I create this page, I'm watching the
Mecum Auction that is going on here
in Indianapolis.  Boy, I'd sure like to
go to that.

A lot of things are going on this
weekend ... what to do next?
Princesses - American Style

Princesses must be single girls
enrolled in Indiana colleges.
Then I went back to Gasoline Alley.
Alex Lloyd's car
Dale Coyne Racing
Mike Conway's car
Andretti Autosport
Race teams have a little trouble
going back and forth to their
garages with all the crowd.
Poor Danica.... she's always surrounded
Oriol Servia
Will Power and Rick Mears
Sebastian Saavedra's car
 Conquest Racing
Dang, I wish I'd had my camera ready when she was coming up the stairs...
BW called me.  He was in the garage area with Tim.  
They had garage/pit passes and Pagoda Terrace
suite tickets!

They met up with me and I walked over near the
Winners Circle to take a photo of them up on the

The pricks didn't share one with me though.
I turned around and was surprised to see Ana Beatrix
walking right behind me.  I blurted out "Hi!" to her.
I think she smiled.
Check out the rear end of the 2012 IndyCar.
Pretty wild.

I decided to head toward T1
When I saw this, I saw a pose coming up
and, thinking quickly, moved around to the
Oh yeah!
I hung out around Turn 1 by my lonesome.  
My two "friends" apparently didn't plan on
sharing their good fortune with me.  

I'm already plotting my revenge.
I think these girls were here in support of
the car below - Tomas Scheckter's.
Bruno Junqueira
 - AJ Foyt Racing
Graham Rahal
- Ganassi
Raphael Matos
     - AFS Racing
Here are some photos BW took today,
mainly from his Pagoda Terrace Suite.
From the photo below, you see that people in the Pagoda
can see through the big picture on the back of the Pagoda.
Can you ever get enough of Danica?

Wow, the Yard of Bricks is continued right through the Pagoda tower!
Dan's Race Journals
I parked over in motorcycle parking inside the track,
which is by the south short chute.