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3rd Red Bull MotoGP at Indianapolis
August 29, 2010
I went downtown last night and met some Texan friends
who were in town for the race.  They gave me a free ticket!

After dinner, we walked around Meridian Street.  There
were so many motorcycles parked from South Street to
north of the Circle that it was like a 1/2-mile slice of Sturgis.  
People wandered around looking at bikes, going to bars,
outdoor concerts, and watching trick riding.

I was hoping to get out to the track early but I slept till noon.

Michie came over to go with me to the race.  We dropped
the top and hit the road.  It was sunny and hot.  I drove
through town to 16th Street and to the track encountering no

The entrance to the track was closed, so I drove on, and
Georgetown Road was closed.  I turned right on Lynhurst
and circled around toward 24th Street.   Even at this late
hour, people were still wanting $10 to park in their yards.  
I drove all the way up to a motorcycle parking lot right
across the street from the track and parked there for free!

As we walked toward the track entrance we found a scalper
who was going to sell us a ticket for $30, which was $10
cheaper than the lowest price entrance fee.  Just after I
handed him $40, a fan walked up behind us offering a free
ticket.  In the blink of an eye, Michie snatched the $40 from
the scalper's hand!  She then got the free ticket from the race
fan.  Cool - free tickets and free parking!
As we walked into the speedway, we saw the last lap
of a race.  Michie paid $5 for a frozen lemonade.

You can't get to Gasoline Alley as they have it blocked off.
We went around to the back of the garage area and got in
that way.

I saw this temporary grandstand in the infield that looked
like a great location for watching the race.  I imagine they
are reserved seating.  I'm not sure what this stand is called.

We entered the garage area and quickly checked out some
of the motorcycle vendors.  
We sat in section 52 in the top row and IN THE SHADE!  
The temp was in the 90's and there was a little breeze.  

American Ben Spies won the pole position.

He led the race until about lap 8 when he
got passed at the end of the front straight
by Spaniard Dani Pedrosi.  

Pedrosi maintained the lead to the end of
the race.  

The track was hot and slick and three
drivers, including Casey Stoner slid off.

There were only 62,000 people there today.  
Attendance is down again.  

NBA star Michael Jordan was here today.
I saw that the last row of garages were blocked off -
I think that is where the MotoGP garages are.
I ran into my friend Mark.  He had just gotten off work
in one of the garages.  He accompanied us over to
the Tower Terrace.  I grabbed a hamburger and a
beer for $10 on the way.

A WWII bomber did a low fly-by.
I could turn around and see some of the
infield too.
We got there just in time for the start of the MotoGP race.

The bikes are super loud as they raced through the canyon of
stands.  I would say it is at least as loud as the IndyCars.
I didn't take my good camera today, only my little Nikon Coolpix.

Luckily we have some nice photos from my friend BW who sat in
the Terrace Tower Suites above us:
The day for many was marred by an accident
that occurred in the morning.  

A young motorcycle racer was killed during a
warm-up lap for the MD250H race.  

His name is Peter Lenz, he is 13 years old
and from the State of Washington.   
RIP little guy.
The race is 28 laps and there are no pit
stops, so the race only lasted around 35

Traffic was a little slow getting out.  They
routed us down 25th street.  Eventually we
made our way to 38th street and caught
I-465 home.

We had a little party and watched the
MotoGP race on TV twice.
My friends Mark and Michie
Dan's Race Journals