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Allstate 400 At The Brickyard
Sunday July 29th 2007
It was a nice sunny day in Indianapolis.  
Temperatures were in the 80's.
I want to send a big thank you out to Henry and
Irma, from Houston Texas, who provided 2 great
tickets for me.  

My friend Jeff went with me.  
We left my house at noon.  

10th Street looked pretty full from I-465.
There was a traffic jam at the Crawfordsville Road
exit.  I passed these by and was surprised to find
the 38th street exit empty.  NASCAR fans must not
read my parking tips!

Jeff wanted to park at his friends house, so I drove
to 22nd and Lynhurst.  

Blimps and airplanes pulling banners filled the sky.  
There was also a high plane spelling out the word
"ALLSTATE" in smoke.
I was surprised at the long line of people waiting
to get into the stands.  I ate the hamburger I'd
just bought as I waited to get into the NorthWest
Vista.   We sat in Section 2, Row M.  I was in
seat 20, which was next to seat 22, of section 3.

They release balloons for this event, like they do
for the Indy 500.

They held a long moment of silence for Bill
France before they played "America" and the
national anthem.  The flyover was a little late.  
I'm not sure what kind of jets they were.

The 43-car field was divided into two groups for
the parade lap.   The stock cars were lined up
two-wide on the grid as opposed to the Indy
500's three-wide start.
A sliding car covered my area in white smoke
temporarily, but long enough to blind us from
seeing the wreck that occurred.  Here is a
photo of the aftermath once the smoke blew
away.  I believe this wreck involved Ryan

This is a colorful event.

I was surprised to see empty seats in some of
the less popular areas.

I had never had Jello shots before and did not
realize how powerful they were.  Combined
with my other booze, the alcohol affected me
so much, I left and walked back to my car.

Jeff had spotted some friends and said he'd
grab a ride home with them.

Tony Stewart won this race again.
The Miller Party Deck was being used again,
as it was at this year's Indy 500.  I need to
figure out how to get into that!

NASCAR sure brings a lot more RVs than the
other race series.
I haven't seen the Goodyear Blimp in a long time.  
I remember when it used to show up for the Indy
500.  That was probably back in the 70's and
80's.  IndyCars race strictly on Firestone tires
these days.
I packed a cooler full of beer in large
cans:  Molson XXX, Sapporo, Bellhaven
Irish Ale and Fosters.  I had a bunch of
icepacks in it.   I also took my big camera.  

Jeff and I hung out by the car for awhile
and talked to his friend John and drank
some beer.  John had brought a lot of jello
shots and threw some into my cooler.

As luck would have it, as we began our
trek toward the track, some guy in a
pickup truck gave us a lift.  He was
making money hauling fans who had
parked far away.  Excellent!
Dan's 2007 Race Journals