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Indy 500 - Practice
Wednesday May 16th 2007

Brian and I scored Turn 2 Suite passes.

This was my first time in these suites - the
oldest suites at IMS.   There are 4 levels, 3
that are above the track, and we were on
level 3.

These seats are incredible!   You practically
hang over the track and I dare say these are
the best seats I've ever had.   You're so close
you have to wear earplugs when there is just
one car on the track!

The suite was catered and provided beer.  
They also gave us some garage/pit passes
for an hour or two.

After returning to the suites, I accidentally
erased the card in my camera. losing all my
photos.  Luckily Brian was there taking photos
and I will present those for you.

All of the stands on the south side of the track
were closed.  We sat in the Turn 2 Infield
viewing hill for awhile before we left.  
Panaramic Photos of Turn 2)

We started to leave at 4pm and we heard the
thump as Jimmy Kite smacked the wall.  All we
saw though was smoke.
Phil Giebler
Jeff Simmons
Ryan Briscoe
I believe the driver is watching a video monitor
That's me standing behind Dan Wheldon as he signed autographs.
A few moments later,
Roberto Moreno walked up behind Wheldon,
surprising him with a
pinch on the butt!  Ha ha!
Dan's 2007 Race Journal