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The Platypus
AMA Hillclimb
at Nashville Indiana
Sunday - June 27, 2004
We all met at Darren's this morning. I was on my bike,
Jerome drove his red 66 Cyclone convertible, and Mark
drove the kids in his car.

Once again, it was a beautiful sunny hot day for the hill
climb. The entry price was still $15.
They weren't allowing us to
take our coolers in this year.
Pretty harsh considering there
is no shade and everyone was

I grabbed a Bud at the
concession stand for $3 and a
$6 chicken bar-b-que. We
ended up making about 3 trips
out to the car to get some
cold beer.
Here are some interesting bikes that people showed up on.
This chopper has a Honda motor in it.
Texas Choppers
Nice orange paint
My friends' boys, Kyle, Jordan, Jake and Zack,
enjoyed the playing in the water as much as
anything else.
The fastest speeds today were in the 6-second

The most exciting moment of the day came
when a rider was 3/4 of the way up the hill
when he suddenly pulled a wheelie. Time
seemed to stand still and a hush covered the
crowd, all eyes watching the bike reach its
zenith, the rider six feet above his rear wheel,
ready to topple over backwards. By some
miracle, the bike's front tire came back down
and the driver continued up the hill. Amazing!
Darren and Jerome
Mark, DR, Russ
I got a tshirt for $15. We came straight back to town and went out to eat as I was starving.
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