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The Platypus
Indy 500 ~ Opening Day
Sunday May 9, 2004
I awoke as the F1 Spanish GP was ending, so I
rewound the tape and watched it. Consequently,
I had to skip opening day ceremonies. I got to the
speedway and out to the end of pit lane 1 minute
before the cars rolled out for the first time in May!
I traveled light today. Please excuse the photos - I
took my pocket camera instead of my big camera.
Indy Chopper built this bike for the
Indy 500 winner. They will make some
more so that you can have one too.
Not a race fan but dragged to the
track? Well then come over here to
the stage and listen to some live music.
The 2004 Pacecar.
(Why isn't it the new Vette?)
Sarah was the first driver on the track on
opening day! As usual, today was Mother's
Day. Sarah's mom waved the green flag to
start the practice session today. I bought
my mom a multi-colored track umbrella at the
speedway today for Mother's day.
It appears Marty Roth is still looking for that
elusive sponsor.
Where's the Jaeger?
Scott Dixon - the 2003 IRL Champion
Dan Wheldon - This young Brit is the
current IRL Points Leader
I was trying to snap a picture of
the front of this car, when this kid
walked into the picture. Probably
the best picture I took all day.
It was a beautiful sunny day.
I think the temperature rose to 90 degrees!
After the cold spring we've had, I'm looking
forward to a nice May.
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