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F1 Qualifying
Saturday - September 27, 2003
BW and ET joined me in going to the track.

The weather forecasts had me expecting cold, cloudy rainy weather,
but it was a bright pretty day.

We got up early and made it to the speedway at 8:30.

We started to park across the street from the track and that was
going to cost $20.

We found that the speedway had their west entrance open so we
entered there for free and parked in the 1st turn infield. Cool!
We hiked over to watch practice in Stand H
where the cars brake hard from the fast main
straight, and dive into the infield road course.

On the way, we saw a new Ford GT40.
I heard later that Jackie Stewart drove it
around the track on race morning.
Stand H was pretty full, but we got a good
seat near the top.
After F1 practice ended, we headed back into the infield
and walked over toward the museum area, stopping and
dropping some stuff off in the car first. There were trailers
setup selling F1 gear - mainly all Ferrari. I was looking for
a Renault shirt or hat, but there was none available. I think
I'm going to be cheering for Fernando Alonso after
Villeneuve gets canned.
We didn't buy anything and we headed back to the car. We
couldn't decide to hike over and sit in the SE Vista, or hike
around and sit in Stand E, or go over the bridge and watch
F1 qualifying in the infield. The other areas were crowded
and a long walk. We opted to sit in the stands in the short
chute infield.  (South Terrace)
I pulled my car up and parked it right under us in the stands.
We watched the entire qualifying from here. There were a
huge group of Montoya fans all the way over in the Paddock
and we could hear them cheering/singing!! That was a
LONG way away, as you can see in the picture below.
They were across the track from the Tower.
The last remaining tree in the first turn is the back drop for E.T. and BW.
Who are these people cheering for? Team Pink?!
As we watched qualifying, a cold wind and some dark
clouds appeared, but they blew by and missed us.
After qualifying was over at 2pm, we bolted.
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