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The Platypus
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
INDY 500
Carburation Day
Thursday - May 22, 2003
Brian and Joy came by this morning and picked up Ron and I
around 9:30. We headed to Speedway, and got caught in a little
bit of traffic. In 20 minutes of waiting in line, we got out onto 16th
Street and over to the IRL offices to pick up our pit passes. We
parked in that lot for free and walked into the track.
By the time we hiked up to Gasoline Alley,
it was already 11 o'clock and time to hit the pits.
We strolled back and forth and enjoyed the
sights, sounds and smell of burning rubber.

At noon, we left the pits to go to the restroom.
At this point I got seperated from the gang.

I toured the garage area alone.

I stopped and talked to Mike - one of the Alley Cats.

Eventually I called Brian's cell phone and met back
up with them.
Alex Barron picked up his ride after Arie Luyendyk
had to bow out due to injuries suffered in a crash.
Airton Dare after getting out of his car.
A.J. Foyt Jr is in the background.
Awesome chopper.
Greg Ray stopping and talking to the Alley Cats.
Helio Castroneves discussing how the car felt.
Tom Carnegie, the voice of the 500.
Felipe Giaffone.
A.J. Foyt Jr.
What is that weird thing next to the tank?
I'm guessing it's a weather station.
Tony Renna gives the thumbs up.

Renna would die in a crash
at the speedway in October.)
Scott Dixon taking his car out for some laps.
Buddy Rice and Eddie Cheever, Jr.
Buddy Lazier's foxy wife.
After practice was over and before the pit stop
competition, several old Indy cars did some laps.
Pit Stop Competition:
Robby Gordon poses with a fan.
Richie Hearn
Robbie McGehee has got a ride.
Now he needs a pitcrew!
Sara Fisher
Me and my posse!
After a rainy cold May, today was sunny
and fairly warm. I think most people got
sunburned at the track today.

The place was packed!
After the pitstop competition, there was
a rock concert by Cracker.
here for concert pictures.
And what would race weekend be without horny,
drunk broads coming in an touring the mens restroom?
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