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The Platypus
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
INDY 500
Pole Day
Sunday - May 11, 2003
Qualifying got rained out yesterday, so today would be
Pole Day. It was a overcast cool day and windy as hell!
Jeff was going to go with me today. He showed up with
his girlfriend and they wanted to drive separate. The
infield parking was closed today due to the heavy rain
yesterday. Jeff followed me onto Georgetown Road, but
as I turned into a lot to park, he missed the turn and I never
saw them again the rest of the day.

HELPFUL HINT: If driving separate, have a meeting spot
selected before you go.
I began by sitting in Stand E.
I think box 13 is the middle of the
best viewing area there, although
anywhere in E is pretty nice.
Have you noticed that from the
south or north, the Bombardier
race control tower looks
rectangular like the last tower,
but from the east or west it looks
like a pagoda like the original
The storm clouds really moved in, but
miraculously the rain never came.
I walked all along the SW Vista. From these
stands you can't see the straights.
I walked over to turn 2. Stand G was closed.
I walked all along the top of the SE Vista.
That stand begins at section 17, not 1.
Sections 20-30 are the best seats in these stands.
Since it only goes up to 37 or so, most seats in
these stands are superb. Of course the higher
you are, the better.
I made my way up to the upper deck. The wind
was so strong up there it about blew me over.
It brought back memories of Hawaii and the wind
that hit me in the face when I cleared a mountain
peak by the ocean. They said the wind was gusting
today at 55 mph on the track, so it must have
really been whipping up there in the deck.
The wind only caused Scott Sharp to wipe out
and hit the wall. The IRL are really running fast
speeds this year. Combined with this clean track
and cool temperatures, its amazing that the drivers,
especially the rookies, were able to keep it
together. Helio Castroneves captured the pole
today at around 231 mph average 4 lap average.
24 cars got in today.
I think the coolest thing I saw was when AJ did a
180 spin and brought the car all the way to a stop
going backwards, all the while keeping it off the
walls. Good job Anthony!
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