Dan's 2002 Speedway Journal


U.S. Grand Prix - Race
Saturday - September 29, 2002

Jerome went with me to the race this year. I left late - about 10am. We drove up Holt Road and worked are way to 16th Street. Georgetown Road had too much traffic, so we ended up parking 2-3 blocks west of the track (Auburn Street) in someone's driveway. We payed $20, but had seen people getting $25 and $30.

We decided to walk into the infield and catch the Ferrari race from there.

Here is a photo of turn 7.

Many people bring big flags to the grand prix. Not many have them on poles this high in the air though.

Ferrari shirts were in abundance.

A infield viewing hill. Show up early with a lawn chair and watch all day for $30.

For the race, we sat up in the NorthWest Vista.

Ralph Schumacher messed up and ran around at the back of the pack most of the day.

Piling into turn two at the start

Exiting Turn 4.

Jacques Villeneuve


Both Ferraris easily pulled away from everyone else. Michael Schumacher led from the green flag. At the end of the race, he slowed and let his teammate, Ruben Barrichello take the win. This was repayment for when Rubens let Michael by earlier in the season for Michael's run for the championship points.

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