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Charity Event
Sunday May 6, 2001

Sam Schmidt has started a charity to help spinal cord research.
(Sam injured his back in a IRL race at Walt Disney Speedway in 2000, which resulted in paralysis.)

There would be famous race car drivers attending, great food and an auction of IndyCar stuff to raise money.

I paid $99 to attend the event which was held at Morton's Steakhouse in downtown Indianapolis.

The event was held from 6pm - 10 pm.

I was working around the house that day and began mowing the grass late.

By the time I finished my yard work, got cleaned up and made it to the event, it was about 9:30pm!

The food was gone, many people had left and the auction was over.

I spoke to some strangers who wondered who I was.. I"m just a nerd with a racing web site,.who can't show up on time..

Tuesday May 8, 2001

Another awesome day; sunny skies, 75 degrees, and a breeze.

Beauty, eh?

Today was my garage pass day. I had to go to the ticket office/admin building and sign in to get my pass. I found it amusing that I ended up answering questions for reporters while the speedway personel stood there and said "I don't know." Tony really should hire me. Anway, I got my pass and it got me in the gate for free. But I still had to park all the way out in 3. It would be nice to have a Yellow parking pass.

There were a lot of people here for a practice day. I was surprised. I even had to wait in line to get in the gate.

Once parked, I made my way to the garages. I had brought my favorite race hat today. It has various race pins on it and its a old Scott Goodyear hat. I'd guess its 1993. My mission; to get Scott to sign it.

I walked around and saw every garage and finally found where Scott parks his #52. I asked one of the mechanics if he was there and he said he was. I felt through my pockets to make sure my sharpie was ready. I hung out there for a long time waiting for him to come outside. I watched the mechanics put some transmission plate on Scott's car. Another mechanic passed me several times oh his way to go dump some used motor oil. I saw another team getting a whole load of oil. It was Mobil One Synthetic with a weight of 5W50. I use the same (different weight) in my sportscar. I wondered if IndyCars used Mobil 1.

Scott's Car

I saw Eddie Cheever get interviewed and I talked to some of the mechanics. I waited and waited. Lots of cars and drivers went by, but I just waited. I didn't have drink or shade. Finally the team gets lunch catered. There wasn't enough seats in the garage and some of the guys just sat on the floor to eat. After lunch, I watched them swap Eddie's cars in the garages. Suddenly, I spotted Scott walking away down the road! Oh no, he gave me the slip! But I soon figured out he wasn't trying to evade me, he was just going to the restroom. Doh!

Scott Goodyear

I finally got to talk to him for a minute when he got back. But he was soon bombarded by race fans wanting autographs. He is driving for Team Cheever in this year's Indy 500. He got his car up to 221 prior to this picture, in a 10-lap test. He said he isn't going to go for the lead with 10 laps to go anymore, instead he'll wait until there's just 5 laps to go!

Tyce Carlson and fans.


They've added some nice trees to the plaza behind the tower.

new sign

There is a new Gasoline Alley sign.

take my picture

I'd seen this girl earlier and thought she'd make a good picture. I thought it again as I walked by. I heard her say, "Maybe this Gentleman wants to take our picture." Wow! She read my mind, so I took her picture.

Then she said, "Nooo, take a picture with OUR camera."

Ah. They wanted a group photo...


Mark Dismore sitting in his car ready to go.

You know you've got it good when you can get a pretty girl to hold your parasol for you.

Actually this is Mark's wife Donna. Mark would later capture the fastest time of the month today at 224.823 mph.

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