Dan's 2000 Indy 500 Journal


Thursday May 18, 2000

On the way into the track this morning, I tried to enter the infield on Georgetown Road. They were only letting cars with special passes in there. I had to drive up to 30th and come in the north entrance. I ended up parking on the southside of the track in turn 1.

It was overcast and windy. A lot of cars started practicing right at 11:00 a.m. Today, I took a vacation day from work to walk around and notate all of the stands and section #'s and seats so I could make a seating chart. There currently is none available. Why do I trudge around for miles to do this? Well, I've had a lot of people ask for one. Sounds like a good excuse to go to the track too. I haven't made the map yet.

Meanwhile, I'll display some pictures here that I took today.

big gun Over in the second turn infield, there were some National Guard. They said they were just getting ready for Armed Forces Day at the Speedway. I think they were there incase CART got any sneaky ideas.

Stands above F1 garages The view from the stands on top of the F1 garages is good! You can see the Indycar garages behind you and the entire straightaway. There is also a large walking area up there where you can stand and watch.

Mario Andretti's 60's racer They have several of the garage doors open on the F1 garages. You can walk through one where they've set up a souvenir shop on one side and a scanner shop on the other. In one garage, they had an old 60's Indycar that Mario drove on display. Also a cool "500" motorcycle. Excellent ideas for using these garages!

It is still up in the air if they are going to let anyone sit on the 4th turn infield viewing hill for the fence hasn't been completed. Today they wouldn't even let you walk in there.

If you end up parking far out in 3rd turn and you want to get up near the tower, suites or 1st turn, you can catch a shuttle type bus that runs around all day.

Those new tv's they have everywhere are not only bright enough to be highly visible in bright sunshine, they are huge! (As you can see in this photo by the size of the guy on the lift)
21st century TV repairman.

There was a line a 1/4 mile long waiting to get Mario Andretti's autograph this afternoon. He was the honored racer of the day.

The famous Speedway Watertower I also noticed they are in the process of repainting the landmark Speedway water tower.



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