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Camel Cigarettes
Advertising Methodologies Through The 20th Century
This website explores Camel Cigarettes' advertising ploys over the years.   Read the
ads on the left, then the ironic/sarcastic comments on the right.

Hopefully you will be enlightened and entertained.   
There are songs and video too, so be sure and have your speakers turned on.
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"Where a Man Belongs"
"It's a Whole New world"
"Share a New Adventure"
"Smooth Character"
"Smooth Moves"
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The Camel Slogans of the Decade
"They 're Not For Everybody"
"Today, a Man Needs a Good Reason to Walk a Mile"
"Camel.  You Don't Change a Thing"
"One of a Kind"
"The Solution"
"Get the 'Extras' with Slower-Burning Camels"
"The Cigarette of Costlier Tobaccos"
"28% Less Nicotine"
"The 'T Zone' Where Cigarette Are Judged"
"First in the Service"
"More Doctors Smoke Camels than any other cigarette"
"Pleasure To Burn"
"Made Fresh - Kept Fresh", "Camels Agree With Me!"
"No Tricks... Just Costlier Tobaccos"
"They Never Get on your Nerves"
"Get a Lift with a Camel"
"They Don't Get Your Wind"
"For Digestion's Sake... Smoke Camels"
"Genuine Taste"
"Live Out Loud"
"What You're Looking For"
"Mighty Tasty"
"Camels Agree With Your Throat"
"Camels Agree With More People"
"For More Pure Pleasure...Have a Camel!"
"No other cigarette tastes so rich, yet smokes so mild."
"Pleasure Helps Your Disposition"
"Have a Real Cigarette"
"I'd Walk A Mile For A Camel"
"Have a Camel"
"Leave no Unpleasant Cigaretty After-taste"
As I was building this website, we lost our friend
Roger Mercer, who died unexpectedly of a heart
attack.  Roger was 40 years old and a smoker.  He
leaves behind a wonderful 9 year-old girl who will
miss him very much.

If you are a 40 y/o smoker and someone cares about
you, do them a little favor and get a check up.
Roger Mercer
"A Real Smoke"
"Satisfies Longer"
"Camel Time is Pleasure Time"
"Born Rich"
"I'd Walk a Mile for a Camel"
This website is dedicated to my friends Brian and Joy and all the others
who are trying to quit smoking.