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February 2023 News
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Ford to Join F1 and Red Bull

Feb 3 - Formula 1 announced that Ford plans to
become an engine manufacture to the series in
2026 when sustainable fuel is to be used.

Ford is forming a long-term technical partner-

ship with Red Bull Powertrains.

Beginning this year, they will begin developing

the 2026 engine, which will supply the Red Bull
and Alpha Tauri teams.

Ford’s announcement follows Audi announcing

plans to enter F1 in 2026. The German
manufacturer acquired a minority stake in the
Sauber teadm this week, that will become their
works team.

The announcement from Ford is also interesting

in that Michael Andretti's recent bid to form his
own F1 team with a partnership with the other
big American automanufacturer is in limbo.
Sustainable means fuel or energy that does not
compromise the ability for future generations to
meet their own needs.  

Sustainable fuels include biofuels and synthetic


Shell 100% Renewable Race Fuel will be the

official fuel of the IndyCar Series beginning
this year.

This new product consists of a blend of

second-generation ethanol derived from sugar-
cane waste and other biofuels, to create a fuel
that is 100% comprised of feedstock waste, so
it does not affect the food supply.

Not only is the fuel renewable, it's creation

and use produces 60% less greenhouse gases
compared to gasoline.

The ethanol will be sourced from Brazil.
Feb 3 - For 17 years, the Indy 500 has been worth double the points of other IndyCar
races.  Beginning this year the race will be worth the same number.  Reason is that
occasionally double-points had a negative effect on the final position of the full-time

IndyCar Tests at Country Club

02/03 - There is a country club in southern
California that is not for wealthy golfers, but
wealthy sports car owners.  Instead of a golf
course, there is a race track and paddock.

Some people build houses at the club and there
are tall concrete walls to help reduce noise.

There are 3 configurable road course circuits:
* South Palm - 2-mile with three long straights
* North Palm - 1.4-mile with a carousel corner
* Desert - 1.7-mile
The circuits can be combined together.

Some IMSA and SRO teams have used the place
for testing.

This week, IndyCar visited for a few days of
'spring training.'
27 drivers showed up for an open test on a 17-
turn , 3-mile layout.

On Thursday,
Colton Herta was the quickest
overall among 27 drivers running for 5.5 hours,
split into morning and afternoon sessions.  His
top time of 1 minute, 39.37 seconds was set
during the afternoon session.

Herta said, “The track surface is very strange,
very different to anything I've really felt in Indy

Car. I don't know, what, it's seven first-gear
corners. We don't really have that many
anywhere we go on a street course. It is quite
a bit slower than our natural terrain courses.
(But) It's a fun track to drive, especially the
back section. It keeps you on your toes. It
doesn't really replicate anything else that we
go to.”

Marcus Ericsson was the quickest on Friday
with a time of 1 minute, 38.42 seconds.
IndyCars on Thermal Club Track Feb 2023
Feb 7 - Williams F1 team hired James Vowles away from Mercedes-AMG to become
their new team principal.  He starts Feb 20th.
Feb 23 - IndyCar expands use of sustainable guayule tires to all street circuits.  
Also, all tires for the Indy 500 will be synthetic rubber made from recycled plastics.