2014 IndyCar Final Point Standings
50 points to the winner
40 points to 2nd place
35 points to 3rd place
32 points to 4th place
30 points to 5th place
28 points to 6th place
26 points to 7th place
24 points to 8th place
22 points to 9th place
20 points to 10th place
19 points to 11th place
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2014 IndyCar Champion
2014 IndyCar Rookie of the Year
2014 Indy 500 Winner
2014 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year
IndyCar Series Manufacturers’ Champion

Road To Indy Series
2014 Indy Lights Champion
2014 Indy Lights Rookie of the Year
2014 USF2000 Champion
2014 Pro Mazda Champion
Will Power - Penske Racing
Carlos Munoz
Ryan Hunter-Reay
Kurt Busch

Gabby Chavez - Belardi Auto Racing
Jack Harvey
Florian Latorre
Spencer Pigot
Will Power
2014 IndyCar Series Champ
IndyCar Championship Points are awarded to engine manufacturers, drivers and entrants.

Points are awarded by finishing order.  
18 points to 12th place
17 points to 13th place
16 points to 14th place
15 points to 15th place
14 points to 16th place
13 points to 17th place
12 points to 18th place
11 points to 19th place
10 points to 20th place
9 points to 21th place
8 points to 22nd place
7 points to 23rd place
6 points to 24th place
5 points to 25th place
5 points to 26th place
5 points to 27th place
5 points to 28th place
5 points to 29th place
5 points to 30th place
5 points to 31th place
5 points to 32nd place
5 points to 33rd place
Whereas all drivers will score in a race, manufacturer's only get the points of their top 3

A bonus point is given to the driver who gets the pole position.

Two bonus points are given to the Manufacturer who led the most laps.

Manufacturers also can reap 10 points for each engine that reaches its 2,500-mile change-
out limit.  But, 20 points will be deducted for an engine failing to complete its life cycle and 20
points will be deducted for an engine undergoing a non-minor repair that requires a
component change.