December 2012
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2012 F1 Highlight

Last May, 1997 F1 Champ Jacques
traveled to Fiorno on the 30th
anniversary of his father's death, to drive his
father's championship winning 1979 Ferrari
312 T4.

JV was my favorite driver and I was happy to
see that my current favorite F1 driver,
Fernando Alonso, showed up to watch.
Gilles Villeneuve lost his life in a crash during
qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder.
F1 Christmas

Dec 25 - Bernie Ecclestone has this
week delighted his Christmas card
recipients with his latest humorous

Every year, the Formula One chief
executive commissions an original
cartoon for his annual card, depicting a
contemporary F1 issue with a
mischievous tilt.

For the 2012 holiday season, the 82-
year-old’s card shows
Lewis Hamilton
abandoning his broken-down McLaren
and leaping into a Mercedes saloon.

The silver road car is being driven by the
Niki Lauda, and in the
passenger seat is a big golden bag of
cash for Briton Hamilton.  The snowman
looks suspiciously like Bernie too!
Season's Greetings Video from Nico Rosberg

(He better hope he has better luck against the Red Bull team next year!)
These two did race in
F1 at the same time,
from 2001 to 2006