How To Get Tickets
For The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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    Getting Race Tickets

    Get Tickets From the Speedway:

    Purchase race tickets on-line at

    You may also mail the speedway an order form.
    Order forms are available from the official web sites: Indy 500 , Brickyard 400, or U.S. Grand Prix or call and request a ticket order form at (317)484-6700

    NOTE: You can buy Indy 500 infield general admission tickets at the gate; you do NOT have to pre-order these.

    When you order tickets, you select several seat preferences. The Speedway will try to get you what you want, but generally all the best stands are sold out shortly after the previous year's race. Everyone who has a ticket, can reorder that same ticket for next year. This means that many good seats are kept year after year by the same people.

    NOTE: Although you may pay for your tickets a year in advance, IMS does not mail them to you until approximately 2-4 months before the particular race.

    Other Ticket Sources:

    If you can't find the tickets you want, don't worry. They sell SO MANY tickets that its a cinch to find them from:

    Note Choose for all your Nascar tickets at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, including Brickyard 400 tickets and Indy 500 tickets.

    TickCo also has tickets for all tracks and races like Sharpie 500 tickets at Bristol Motor Speedway, Daytona 500 tickets at Daytona International Speedway and more.

    • Practice and qualification tickets to all the races can be purchased in advance, or when you enter the track - at the gate - CASH ONLY.
    • IMS doesn't mail out tickets until 1-3 months before the event, so I do not recommend giving your money to someone who doesn't have the tickets in their possession.
    • You should have a map of the speedway, like these on the map page, when buying a ticket so you can insure that you are sitting in a place that is acceptable to you.
    • You can call the Speedway and ask them to send you an application for tickets. They will send you a map with the application. Their ticket office number is (317) 484-6700. They are open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. You can also email them at
    • Once you are a ticket owner, you must pay for and renew those tickets a year in advance - within a week of the end of the last race.
    • People who have tickets, have the right to renew those tickets.....Every year! Consequently you have a lot of seats getting passed down generation to generation, like a heirloom. Seats that come up for sale are offered to existing ticket holders first.
    • Don't count on landing great seats when you order them straight from the speedway. They will ask you to pick some preferences for seats, and then see what they can do. You can try and upgrade them every year though.

    Visit for Brickyard 400 tickets

    and all NASCAR races.

    Face Value

    There's no doubt that the speedway offers the
    best "Bang for your Buck" in Indianapolis!

    INDY 500
    Practice days - $5
    Qualifying days - $10
    Carburation Day - $10
    Race Day Infield Tickets- $20
    Race Day Seat Tickets - $40 to $150 Face Value

    Practice days before race weekend - FREE
    Friday Practice - $10 (under 6 y/o free)
    Saturday Qualifying race - $25 (under 6 y/o free)
    Friday & Saturday - $35
    Race Day Seat Tickets - $60 to $150 Face Value
    No general admission on race day.

    Friday Practice - $10 (under 6 y/o free)
    Saturday Qualifying - $20 (under 6 y/o free)
    Friday & Saturday - $25
    Friday, Saturday & Raceday General Admission - $60
    Race Day Seat Tickets - $75 to $150 Face Value

    Indy 500 Bronze Badge

    A bronze badge is available to the public for a cost of $100. This badge will get you in the gate all during May for free. It also gets you into the garage area. It is not valid on Race Day though. Contact the IMS Credential Office (317-484-6500), located in the Administration building at the corner of 16th and Georgetown. Credential distribution will begin April 12 for those who have made arrangements.

    Want a Pit Pass?

    Pit passes are hard to come by. Generally you need a connection to a sponsor or team who can give you one. Sometimes you can find someone selling theirs; look on eBay or my tickets for sale page. But you cannot purchase a pit pass from the speedway.

    There is another way however. You can become a Lap Prize sponsor. You must pledge $500 for one of the laps. Whoever leads that lap, wins your money. Lap Prize Sponsors get: Name listed in race program, 2 gate admissions for practice and qualifying and 2 pit passes (no garage pass). Call (317) 492-6703 to order yours.

    Note: There is also a "Hot Pass". This is for the race teams. Shortly before race time, IMS will kick everyone out of the pits unless they have a hot pass.

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