Strange and Funny Emails

April 11, 2000 - Subject: Indy 500 Age Old Question

Hello, I'm planning to attend the Memorial Day event for the first time this year with my 19 year old son. I'm reading a lot of things about children not being allowed. What is the minimum age?

May 21, 2000

During the week, can they use admission to get in?

May 3, 2001

i dont have tic but do have two 3.5 gallon toilets 4 sale 1971 american standards /150.00 ea will bring to race this yr if have buyer post this and i will give u 15% if sold/ i will be behind trailer park on georgtown/21 st lot

May 27, 2001

I'm confused! I'm new to watching car racing, and today, there are 3 races on the same day! Indy, Monaco, and a NASCAR race. I thought the drivers were the same but obviously they can't be because there are these 3 races at the same time. Could you tell me the basic differences between these 3 races today, and is Indy not the biggest name in car racing anymore?

Aug 14, 2001

We're having a discussion in the office as to what you call the oval track at Indianapolis what is it called?

Dec 16, 2004

First I received this from Jose:

Ok i need your help very badly, first of all i'm a
jr. high student at Griffith middle school and in my
agriculture class we are playing a game and we will
be getting a grade. Our teacher gave us questins and
we have to answer them correctly, they are diffrent
questions and here is one of them, "How many laps
are there around the 21/2 mile track in the
Indianapolis 500?" The guiven answers are:
a.) 100
b.) 500
c.) 200
d.) 1000

please answer me as soon as posible i need to get my grade. I hope you help me

I answered thus:
The reason the race is called the 500 is because it is 500 miles long.
200 laps around the 2.5 mile track = 500 miles

I then received this query:

So the answer for this questionion is c?

May 28, 2005 - Subject: My Memories

I have attended the Indy 500 since 1972. My feelings of the Indy party were greatly reduced last year (2004) when I was not allowed to park across from the track where I have always parked - prepaid only.

In addition, when I waited for the playing of TAPS prior to the race, a car was "tuning" up his engine so I could not hear what I had travelled 750 miles for (for 30+ years).

My feelings of Indy fans has not changed. My feelings for the Indy race management has. After last year, I sit at home and wonder why I am here and not at my favorite party center. I hope it changes back and that Indy realizes the value of it's biggest customer - the patriotic race fan.

Too bad, he missed the best Indy 500 in a long time.

May 29, 2005 - Subject: Let me keep my deceased fiance's "seats"

I would be at Indy right now sitting with Edward *****, behind the pits, but he died last June of a medication error right after we bought a house together 6 weeks before that. Suddenly he was gone. I miss him very much.

He had taken me to Indy for 3 years. Two years ago, Priest Zeke ???, remembered us by name from the year before. He invited us to the Pagoda to have lunch. That really made us feel welcome and "special".

I have thought about this a great deal. He had been buying tickets in advance for almost 20 years. It was a tradition that he always wrote a check and left it at the Speedway post office upon leaving to come home so that it would have that postmark. I was not married to him yet and I know I have "no rights" to "inherit" seat advantages, but I am asking anyway. He had said the only way to "upgrade" was if someone died or gave up their advance ordering. I didn't get to go this year because the tickets went into his sister's "possession" after he died. She propably returned them or sold them. I doubt if she went. She has not treated me well at all and seemed relieved he was not married. She scooped up the assets and has not paid liabilities, nor probated the will, or put it in the paper, etc. She refused me being buried by him and is now removing my flowers, etc. off his grave and threatening to move him to another location. I gave her no reason for this spite. She was greedy, lived elsewhere, hardly spoke or saw him during the 4 years I knew him. I've had much added pain on top of losing him.

If you will please e-mail me back and let me know if this is possible, I would so much appreciate it. I would also like to contact the priest if possible. Maybe you could tell him you heard from Susan about Ed, the small man with a long white ponytail and the lady who shot him with a squirt gun. He blessed us and our union the first year we met him and he and Ed had a very good conversation. That is why he remembered us the 2nd year (2003).

I didn't get the ticket stubs or our T-shirts from the old residence we were moving out of and I cannot remember exactly which seats, but they were in the tower or terrace section behind the pits. His name is above and he lived in TN, where I "survive" now.

June 11, 2005 - Danica Phoney ?

I have been a open wheel race fan before A J Foyt. I switched over after I couldn't pronounce 1/2 their names. I think in nascar the drivers are more honest. Bobby Rahal was my favorite driver. I think he made a big mistake in helping Danica become a open wheel driver. Sarah would have been a better choice. She wouldn't have been strutting around with a 4 ctr. ring on her finger from a man twice her age. I will watch the Texas race momentarily. I think her image is going toward money. She will be going down as soon as the other drivers start racing her for real. I don't think nascar will make that mistake.


June 12, 2005

Name: Danica
Gender: (female)

Origin: Slavic
Meaning: the morning star
Rating: (4/5)

Salutations Danica,

my name is brandon. i'm sure you have a billion of these, and i'm not sure if you'll get this, but my Heart feels led to send you this.

you have talent, beauty and a wide range of aspects we could go on and on about... but a specific interest i have is music. when i sing the shower runs away from me. i don't play instruments, instruments play me. but when i hear a song with Awesome instrumental and especially a good message, i put it onto a cd (compilation) and give them out to others.

i'd Love to chat sometime if you have the schedule clear for even a portion of your day. i read that you like everything but country and classic. basically the same here. i'd like to hear more and send you music if possible.

you now have my email, not sure if you are into AIM, but if you are JesusisJustified is my sn.

He then trails off into pages of religous stuff.

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