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Question: We were wondering about headsets. People say we need them because 33 cars are quite loud. Can we rent headsets/headphones at the Indianapolis Speedway, or is this something we need to purchase and bring ourselves? Do these headphones run on their own batteries? I have a little handheld TV, so was just hoping we could rent a pair of nice headphones with noise-cancelling and just plug them into the handheld TV and get the local ABC affiliate race commentary. What do you think? - Greg in Houston

Answer: What they rent at the track are scanners with headphones. In case you don't know, scanners pick up all the communications between the pits and the drivers. One place to rent these is in an open F1 garage which is south of the tower, but north of Gasoline Alley. There is also a gift store in that garage.

It is difficult or impossible to hear the P.A. system when the cars are racing. There are huge tv's scattered around the track that you may be able to view. Having large headphones which completely covers the ear plugged into a radio is a good idea if you don't mind headphones. While the race is not broadcast live in Indianapolis (it is tape delayed until 7pm), the Speedway broadcasts a weak TV signal for people at the track to watch the race on their portable tvs!

Headphones do not require batteries unless they are cordless and have a radio built into them. Also, I do not believe those $300 noise-cancelling headphones would work with the fantastic decibles generated at the Speedway.

Question: - One question I had was about infield admission. Is it required to enter in a car, or can you walk in? And are the 14" cooler restrictions for the grandstands the same for the infield admission? And which RV camping lot would you recommend for a group of people arriving in the late afternoon on Friday looking for a good place to party? - Peter Lund

Answer: - Whether you are sitting in seats or on a grassy hill in the infield, you may park outside and walk in, or you may try to get a parking spot in the infield. Either way, you have to present your ticket or buy one as you enter the gates. Parking in the infield is limited and generally you must arrive early for a chance, especially on busy days such as race day.

I believe the limit on cooler size has to do with space in the stands. On race day when every seat is taken, there is not much room. I can't guarantee you, but you can probably walk in with a large cooler if it is NOT race day. Even though you may be sitting in the infield, you are not going to be able to walk in with a large cooler on race day. The gate attendants are completely swamped and will not have time to listen to reason. If you drive your car in, you can take in all the supplies and large coolers that you want, but never assume you can park in the infield, it is often full. Also, don't try and take oversized coolers into the stands on race day. Also, never bring glass bottles.

I recommend you camp in Lot 1, the huge "Coke Lot". You can enter this lot from Georgetown Road as well as 30th Street. Reserved tickets are available from IMS. See my camping page for more details.

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