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U.S. Grand Prix at Indianapolis



Ticket prices range from $85-150. How To Get Tickets

Friday Practice is $10
Saturday Qualifications is $20
Two-day (Friday-Saturday) tickets are $25
A 3-day pass that includes race day is $60

Note: See my Ticket Page for detailed seat info.

* Coolers must not be bigger than 14" x 14" x 7".
* Bags, packs, and coolers will be checked by security when you enter the gate.
* Tune your radio to 100.1 FM for race information when you are inside the speedway.


Race Statistics
Track Description

The United States Grand Prix is round 10 of 18 in the World Championship.

United States Grand Prix Weekend Schedule

Road Course Statistics

Total track length: 2.606 miles 4.195 km
Main straight length: 3,037 feet 926 meters
Back straight length: 1,755 feet 535 meters
Total turns: 13 4-Left 9-Right
Average track width: 46 feet 14 meters
Average Qualifying Speed: 124 mph 200 kph
Race Distance: 73 laps - 190 miles 306 km

Time limit on Race: FIA rules stipulate that Formula 1 races have a maximum time limit of two hours. This race should be completed in less than two hours, barring an emergency stoppage.

USGP Seating Map

The F1 cars run clockwise on the oval, which is the reverse of the direction used for the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400.

New Infield Stands Added beginning 2004

Two infield stands ared added to the infield for the U.S.G.P. The Terrace seating, outside Turn 6 and between Turns 10 and 11, will provide one of the closest views of Formula One in the world. The front of the Turn 6 Terrace is approximately 50 yards from the edge of the track, and Turn 10 Terrace is even closer.

The United States Grand Prix

F1 car

IMS hosted it's first Formula One race in 2000 to a sold-out crowd.
A roadcourse was created through the infield of the historic oval for this event!

The 8th and next Indianapolis Grand Prix will be
July 17th, 2007

Dan's U.S. Grand Prix Photos

2000 - 3 days of photos
2001 - 2 days of photos
2001 F1 Grid Girls
2002 - 2 days of photos
2003 - 3 days of photos
2004 - 4 days of photos
2005 - 2 days of photos
2006 - 2 days of photos

F1 Support Races

The F1 race currently has three support races for the U.S. Grand Prix weekend:

The Porsche Michelin Supercup which has held support races at the U.S. Grand Prix at Indianapolis since its inception.

The Formula BMW USA replaced the Ferrari Challenge beginning in 2004.

The Indycar junior series - the Indy Pro Series - began racing on the roadcourse beginning in 2005.

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