MF1 Friday Test Driver - Giorgio Mondini from Geneva Switzerland
Mondini, 25 years old, was a relatively late starter to racing, competing in his first
Formula Renault Championship in 2001. A graduate of the famous Henry Morough
Racing School in Italy, He quickly showed speed but 2004 was when it all started to
come together for him and he won the Renault V6 Championship.

Mondini graduated to World Series by Renault for the start of the 2005 but things
really took off when he was invited to join David Price Racing's GP2 team for the
second half of the season.

His performances earned him a test driver the World Championship winning Renault
team at Barcelona last December: "That test whetted my appetite for Formula1 and I
am delighted to have this opportunity with MF1 Racing. The new car looks really
good and I can't wait to drive it."