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To order tickets from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway:

* Order on-line at or

* Call 800-822-INDY or 317-492-6700 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (ET) Monday through Friday or

* Visit the IMS Ticket Office at the IMS Administration Building at the corner of Georgetown Road
and 16th Street between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (ET) Monday through Friday.

Tickets for groups of 20 or more also are available.
Contact the IMS Group Sales Department at (866) 221-8775 for more information.
The least expensive ticket is the general admission ticket.

The price varies depending on the event.

Buy your general admission at the gate with cash,
Or buy them in advance from the
IMS Ticket office   (317) 492-6700.

On some days, such as
practice, everyone just pays GA and sit where they want.

race day you must have a seat ticket to sit in the stands.  GA may sit on
grassy viewing mounds around the perimeter of the infield.  GA can bring
blankets or lawn chairs to sit on.

Children must have their own seat ticket on race day if sitting in the stands.
On some days, children are allowed in free.
General Admission (GA)?
Ticket Prices at IMS
The sooner you buy your tickets or passes or parking from the Speedway,
the more money you will save. The prices go up as the day of the event
gets nearer, but usually not by much.

A $4 service fee will apply to each ticket or wristband purchased for an
IMS racing or concert event (excluding practice and qualifications).
A handling fee of $6 is applied to each order as well if they mail the
the tickets to you. (As of 2020)

If you wish to renew your tickets for next year, don't procrastinate.  A few
months after the race, if you haven't paid to renew your tickets, the speedway
sells them to someone else!

If you decide at the last moment to attend the race, do not let a lack of a
ticket prevent your from coming.  The race rarely sells out and you can buy
a ticket at the ticket office.  There are also many scalpers all along the
outside of the track whom you can purchase tickets from.

New for 2020, customers wishing to buy infield parking passes must
supply their name/gender/birthdate to the speedway two weeks in
advance so that they can screen you with the FBI terrorist database .
You can expect seats to be priced according to how good they are.
For instance:
* Seats in the corners are more expensive than seats along the straights.
* Seats that sit higher than others may be more expensive.
* Seats that are under cover may be more expensive.
* Bleachers that have backrests may be more expensive.
* Seats on the outside of the track may be more expensive than those on the inside.
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Note:  Since people can renew their tickets each year from the speedway,
some of the preferred seating is sold out before the tickets come up for
sale to the general public, which is in late summer or fall.

Also, when ticket holders renew their tickets, they can request an upgrade.
Consequenty, when seats become available in a preferred stand, they are
snatched up by ticket holders who have requested upgrades.  
If you are planning on attending the Indy 500 for years to come, renew your
tickets each year and always ask for an upgrade.  

If you get too old to attend, you can transfer your tickets to a family member.
Some families have been coming to the speedway and sitting in the same
seats for many decades.

Sold-Out Stands Rarely Available to the General Public: