Ticket holders who purchased their tickets directly from the speedway,
will have the option to re-order those same seats for the following year.
Consequently, many seats are sold out before they ever go on sale to
the general public. If you buy your tickets from other sources, such as
from Stubhub or from a scalper, you cannot re-order those tickets.

When re-ordering your tickets, you will have the opportunity to request
an upgrade.

When buying your tickets from the speedway, I recommend buying a
parking pass, if any are still available.  If you don't get a parking pass,
you can park elsewhere - many residents and business sell parking
space on race day, and are often cheaper than the speedway parking,
but you may have further to walk.

The speedway offers group sales.

Ticket prices may rise in price throughout the year as the event approaches.

While it may be difficult or impossible to get the most coveted seats
from the speedway, there are other ways of getting tickets -

* Stubhub, eBay and ticket scalpers charge more for tickets, but you might
get lucky and find some great seats - with expensive prices to match.

* The
Indy Speedway Ticket Bulletin Board lists Indy 500 tickets for sale
that are usually face value, and sometimes less.  There is no intermediary,
you deal direct with the seller who owns the tickets.  Great seats pop up
on there as well.
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Digital Tickets:

Race fans who order tickets in advance may select their delivery method at checkout.
Digital tickets can be accessed on the IMS App or on their smart phone’s web browser.
Fans are encouraged to ensure the brightness on their smart phone is turned up before
approaching the gate for a seamless scanning of their digital ticket.
Race fans are also encouraged to visit the IMS Digital Ticket guide to manage their
digital tickets and enhance their at-track experience.