Indianapolis FBI Concerning Violent Crime

This is an excerpt concerning just violent crime, from the Star Newspaper November 27, 2018 - Full Article

Violent crime caused by gangs
While some FBI agents are investigating national security threats, others are working alongside state and local police officers to combat violent crime.
The problem is especially dire in Indianapolis, which is at risk of logging its fourth straight year of a record number of homicides.
And in Indianapolis, agents told us, violence is caused by gangs who carry guns to protect the territory where they sell drugs.
"They don't live in our world. They have to have a gun," said Ed Wheele, a supervisory special agent who leads the local Safe Streets Task Force.

That task force — composed of FBI agents and nine other law enforcement officers from IMPD, Indiana State Police, Fishers and Marion County
sheriff's office — focuses on long-term investigations that target criminal enterprises, Wheele said.

They're searching trash bins to hunt for evidence of drug dealing. They're analyzing phone records.
And they're monitoring conversations through wire taps.

"We were on phones 292 days last year," Wheele said.

Using a wire tap, though, is a time-consuming process that begins with a lengthy affidavit that can take weeks to prepare, Wheele said. Every order
requires the approval of a federal judge, U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler and even senior Department of Justice officials.

After approval, the investigation, too, is time-consuming. Agents can spend more than half a day listening to phones, Wheele said, while others are
conducting surveillance in person.

Last year, agents used wire taps for at least three cases, including the federal investigation into Richard Grundy III and his associates, code-named
Operation Electric Avenue.

Grundy is accused of leading a gang that bought methamphetamine from Phoenix, storing it in stash houses in Indianapolis and distributing the drugs
throughout the area, according to an unsealed federal indictment. The defendants also are accused of dealing heroin and marijuana. The cases are
still pending, according to federal court records.
2018 Indianapolis Homicide Charts
Current as of Dec 20, 2018
Indianapolis Star Article

Dec 31st, 2018 - Indianapolis once again
surpassed it's previous highest murder numbers,
with 159, 2 more than last year.

IMPD recovered more than 3,000 illegally
possessed firearms last year as part of the
City's violence reduction strategy.
IMPD returned to community-based beat
policing last April, allowing officers to build
stronger partnerships with the community, and
ended 2018 with a 64% clearance rate, a more
than 20% improvement over the previous year.

26 homicide victims were women compared to
151 men
Jan-Dec 2018 Indianapolis Murder Map