The Paddock is a long stand at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that is in the
middle of the front straight.  

It is on the outside of the track.  

The Paddock offers views of the pits and the front straight.
Seats in the middle sections have a view of the finish line and the winner's circle.

There is a big screen TV hanging over Gasoline Alley, which is near the scoring
pylon.   There are 2 more TVs that can be seen from the Paddock which are
above the Tower Terrace stands across the track.
The Paddock
In the map above, the left side is to the south.  This is where the section or box numbering begins.  
The Paddock ends at the far right.
The vertical lines you see in the stands are aisles.  There are two sections or boxes between aisles.
Here is an example of the view.  On the left is from a Paddock Box.  On the right is the Paddock Penthouse.
These photos were taken on Carb Day 2005
These 2 shots are from the Paddock Press Penthouse, which is sandwiched between the Paddock and the Penthouse.
These photos were taken at the 2009 Brickyard 400 by Andy J.
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Start / Finish Line
The paddock was originally built in 1911; it became a steel-and-concrete structure in 1946.
The current version was built as a double-decker section in 1961, enlarged in 1977 and
renovated from 1995 to 1998 and again in 2016.
The photo above shows what the Paddock Penthouse now looks like after the renovation in 2016.  
See how it has a new 3-row deck at the top?
(Click photo for larger photo)
It has two levels:

PADDOCK PENTHOUSE - upper deck, and PADDOCK - lower deck
The Penthouse level has a roof.
The Penthouse acts as a roof for the back upper half of the Paddock.

Each of these may be divided further:

Rows A - F
Rows G-M
Rows AA-CC
Press Box
The front rows that have no support struts to block sight lines.  Will be in the sun early in the day.
Fat support beams will partially block your view
A new 3-row upper tier added in 2016.  Contains even further sight line disruptions.
A small section below the Penthouse that does NOT extend the entire length of the Paddock.
Simply two rows of folding metal chairs.
The press box is very sheltered.
Notes: Elevators were installed in 2016.  Also, the bleachers were replaced with stadium-style chairs.
     There are bathrooms and concession stands up there.
Row A
Rows B - T
Rows AA - VV
Ground Level sidewalk for wheelchairs
Front lower rows, not protected from rain, but will be in shade later in the afternoon.
Rear higher rows, called Paddock Box.  Protected from rain.  Only top half protected from sun in morning
Notes: Aluminum bleachers with backrests.
The Paddock is highlighted in orange
Photo-journals from when I sat in these stands:

Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix - 2001  ,  2003  , 2006
INDY 500 Carb Day -   2006  ,  2015  ,  2018 ,  
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Paddock Penthouse
INDY 500 -  2006  ,  

Paddock Press Penthouse
INDY 500 Qualifying -  2001