The North East Vista & NE Vista Deck
The vertical lines you see in the stands are aisles.  There are two sections between aisles.
* The North East Vista is in Turn 3.
* The bottom row is A and runs up to RR.
* It has no roof
* Aluminum stands with no backrests.
* The NE Vista offers views of the back straight, Turn 3 and the North Short Chute.

* Two rows of seats that are built on a platform above the top back of the NE Vista.
* It stretches from Section 1-10.
* Deck seats cost more than double the price of the rest of the NE Vista and are hard to acquire.
* These seats consists of two rows (A & B) of aluminum bleachers with backrests.
My view of the 1999 Indy 500 from Section 12, Row PP
I sat in these seats for the Indy 500 from 1997-2000.
NE Vista is in orange.
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