For 2018, the east end of the North Vista was removed  and this new seating area was created.

There are no stands here.  It is simply a long tent covered suite area with table and chairs.
What is nice is that you can get up and move around instead of being stuck crammed into
the stands.  There are also private restrooms.  A Live TV and audio feed are available too.

It is low, so the view won't be as nice as from the top of the stands that surround it.  So, each
customer will be given an accompanying seat in the North Vista if they decide they want to
watch from higher during at any time during the race.

I have not sat there.  I'm guessing the main thing you can see are the cars entering Turn 3
It appears to be at the same level as the bottom of the surrounding stands, so it will be a bit loud
and exciting.

* An extra seat in North Vista for each customer
* Food and beverage, including Beer and wine.  Liquor available for purchase.
* Parking Pass in the North 40 Lot -1 per 4 people
* Race program for each customer

Price $750
Turn 3 Club
Turn 3 Club is shown in orange.
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