Suites are normally rented by companies for entertaining their guests.
Amenities include catering, closed-circuit TV, and shuttle service to the Pagoda Control Tower.
Garage/Pit Passes are available for guests to use.

This building used to be a trackside hotel and are the oldest suites currently at the speedway.
There are elevators and stairs available.
It has 4 floors and the top 3 floors are divided into suites.
Floor 2 contains suite numbers 152-174
Floor 3 contains suite numbers 252-266
Floor 4 contains suite numbers 272-282

Each suite has a balcony of chairs that overlook the track.  
These seats are great because you are so close to the cars!  
Consequently, you'll probably need ear protection.  

The higher the floor, the better the view.

The view is of Turn 2.
The Turn 2 VIP Suites
Photos and notes from when I sat in these suites:

2008 Indy 500 Qualifying ,
2007 Indy 500 Practice  
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Turn 2 Suites are shown in orange.
The patio chairs were cheap
plastic when I sat there in 2007
on the 3rd floor.