Fatalities - May 1953
Carl Scarborough - driver
Chet Miller - driver
Carl Scarborough was born in Benton, Illinois.  He was
married and living in Clarkston Michigan, where he was a
tool and die maker when he wasn't racing.  Since 1940 he
raced mdgets on dirt tracks.  He held the Central States
Racing Association Midget Championship in 1946.

Scarborough first came to Indy to race in 1950.  The thin,
friendly, unassuming man passed his rookie test at the
Indy Speedway, but did not land a ride.

He returned the following year and qualified the No. 73
McNamara Special in 15th position.  His axel broke after
100 laps, ending his race.

He returned in 1952 but was unable to qualify.

Back in 1953 in the same No. 73 McNamara Special,
Scarborough qualified 19th - on the 7th row - with a
average speed of 135.936 mph.


It was a very hot and humid day in Indianapolis on race
day and the men and machines were going to get the
sternest test in Speedway history.

The heat caused three Purdue drum majorettes to faint
before the race started.

Floors in the car cockpits got so hot that drivers were
burning blisters on their feet.  Pat Flaherty, racing in 3rd,
drove head-on into the wall after apparently succumbing
to the heat and blacking out.  He wasn't seriously injured.
Drivers began dropping out, to be replaced by relief
drivers.  In all, 14 drivers saw relief duty.

Carl Scarborough, 38, came in for his first pit stop on lap
70 and collapsed in the car.  He was lifted out and was
resting on the pit wall when fuel around the car caught
fire.  It was quickly extinguished.  He wasn't feeling well
and went to sit down on the other side of the pit wall.   He
was relieved by driver Bob Scott.  (Scott would go on to
finish the race in 12th.)

Scarborough lapsed to unconsciousness, probably from
inhaling carbon monoxide fumes from the fire extinghishers.
It took the ambulance 15 minutes to reach him.  His
temperature was 104 degrees when he arrived at the
hospital and continued to rise.  

The doctors tried a resuscitator, heart stimulant, surgery
and heart massage.  He took a few breaths but normal
respiration never resumed, altough he was given 10  
bottles of oxygen.  

The carbon monoxide he had inhaled in the pit had further
complicated his respiration problems.  Scarborough may
also have had a heart attack.  He was given last rites in
the hospital, having lived an hour and a half after his pit

Nine other drivers, including Tony Bettenhausen, also
had to retire from the race due to the heat.  They were all
replaced in their racers by relief drivers.  The heat also
quickly burned up the tires.  Only 23 cars finished half the
race and that included the 10 relief drivers.  Less than half
the cars finished the race.

One driver refused to wear his firesuit, which was not
mandatory at the time, as he didn't want the extra

The Speedway would change the rules the following year to
insure that the cars had better ventilation.

Scarborough was survived by his wife Phyllis and three
children - Lorraine (17), Kay(9) and Jerald (16).

In 1985, he was inducted into the Michigan Motor Sports
Hall of Fame.
Carl Scarborough
Scarborough's Indy Record
Year        Car#        Car                      Laps completed   Start    Finish
1951        73        McNamara Special        100-axel        15        18
1952        73        McNamara Special        DNQ
1953        73        McNamara Special        70-flagged, died of heat
Chester Miller was born July 19, 1902 in Detroit. He
drove his first race in Saginaw Michigan in 1924 at
the age of 22.

In the 1934 Indy 500 after only 11 laps, he hit some

oil on the track left by a car that had thrown a rod.
He went about 30 yards through the air and over
the wall and landed on all four wheels in a Mrs.
Stevens' backyard. The car never stopped and Chet
drove it through the gates to the garages, "without
shifting gears, " said Henry McLemore who worked
for the newspaper.

"Where've you been, Chet?"
"Over the wall," he said, but it was quite a while before
anybody would believe him, as he dejectedly watched

the rest of the race from the pits.

In 1939 he was involved in a three-car collision that

killed Floyd Roberts. When Bob Swanson collided with
Roberts, Swanson's tank exploded and the car burned.
Swanson was thrown out of his car until the track. To
avoid hitting him, Chet Miller crashed in the infield,

broke his shoulder, and was hospitalized for six months.
Swanson suffered only minor injuries.

In 1952, Miller set a one-lap qualifying record at 139.60


Miller was out practicing all day at the Speedway on
May 15th.  

At 3:15 p.m. he was clocked at 138.46 mph right

before his fatal crash.  

Miller apparently got too low in turn 1. His left front wheel
went into the apron gravel and the car spun into a skid.
The back end whirled around and the front-wheel-drive
powered the car into the wall. The left front end hit the
concrete and the car seemed to hug the wall. Momentum
carried it another 300 feet, bumping the barrier from time
to time and finally stopping in the short-chute in front of
what was then Gransdstand D.
Chet Miller
Miller's Indy Record
Year        Car#        Car                      Laps completed           Start    Finish
1928        35        B.W. Cooke         0 - wrecked in practice                
1930        41        Fronty Ford          160                                    15        13
1931        27        Marr                      200                                    15        10
1932        9          Hudson                 125 - engine                     29        21
1933        28        Marr                      163 - rod                           32        20
1934        46        Bohnalite                11 - accident                  32        33
1935        34        Milac                     200                                    17        10
1936        18        Boyle                     200                                      3          8
1937        7          Boyle                       36 - ignition                     13
1937        16        Boyle Products     Relieved Cummings                    30     
1938        3           I.B.E.W.                200                                       5          3
1939        3          Boyle                     109 - wreck                          5        21
1940        34        Alfa Romeo          189                                     27        17
1941        41        Boyle                     200                                        9         6

1946        5          Miller                        64 - oil line                        17        18
1948        31        Don Lee                108 - oil trouble                  19        20
1950        43        Novi Mobil              Did not qualify                
1951        32        Novi Purelube        56 - ignition                       28        25
1952        21        Novi Pure Oil         41 - supercharger             27        30
1953        1          Novi Govenor         died in practice                
Mrs. Gertrude Miller was in Indianapolis
at the time of her husband's death. They
had no children. Most of his
relatives lived
in Detroit; but Chet made his home in
Glendale California where he sold cars

and owned a upholstery business.

He was interred at Crown Hill Cemetery

in Indianapolis on May 19th. Louie Meyer
and Wilbur Shaw were amoung
Perry Mount Park Cemetery
Pontiac, MI
Carl Scarborough's 1953 McNamara Special
This photo appeared in the May 27, 1953 society section of the Indianapolis Times.  
It shows Scarborough in his race car with Tony Hulman, Rudy Vallee and his wife.  
Rudy Vallee was a singer of the 1920's and 30's and one of the first modern pop stars.
Crown Hill Cemetery,
Indianapolis, IN
Miller's 1952 Indy 500 Racer
Speedway Closed 1942-1945 For World War II
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