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INDY 500 MEMORIAL - 1929
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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Fatalities - July 26, 1913
Harry T Martin - driver
In 1912 Harry Martin was the riding mechanic for Joe
, helping him win the Indy 500.  Ralph DePalma
led the first 198 laps and Dawson, the last two, a record
that would be held for the fewest led laps in history until

Martin garnered further attention at the 1913 Indy 500
when he was the riding mechanic for
Charlie Merz.
The Stutz they were racing caught fire toward the end of
the race and Martin climbed precariously onto the hood
and tried to beat the flames out with his coat. He untied
the straps too, so that the pit crew could get the engine
hood open to help extinguish the flames. They finished
the race in 3rd place!

Martin had hopes of driving in the following year's 500-mile
race for Stutz.

He showed up at the speedway a few months after the 500
to test the new Stutz racer with
Frank Agan, another riding

Near the completion of the 5th lap, their tire blew off the car
and they careened into the retaining wall, then bounced
away and began flipping, landing upside down. Martin was
killed instantly and Agan was severely injured, but survived.

Martin was 23 years old and had lived in Peru Indiana.
Agan was 31 and lived in Indianapolis.
Martin's Indy Record
Harry Martin
Year   Car No.     Car                    Laps Completed             Start    Finish
1912       8            National                   200                                7          1
1913                     Stutz                      Died during testing
Mount Hope Cemetery, Peru,  IN