1.   E-mail the following information to Dan@IndySpeedway.com
Selling Tips:

The sooner you list your tickets, the more likely they are to sell.  

Lowering the price should be considered for average seats within
two weeks of the race.

To Cancel Ad:

If you kept my email, simply reply to it and say "Remove".  

Otherwise, E-mail me telling me your Ad# and what kind of ad it was.   
2.   You will receive an e-mail with your AD NUMBER when your ad is posted,
  usually within a few hours, unless I'm at the track.  

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StubHub.com charges both the seller and
the buyer.

They used to charge the Seller 10% and
increase the sell price by 15% to the buyer,
reaping 25% for themselves..

These days they use algorithms which vary
the selling prices and their fees.  They do not
advertise any set percentages.

For instance, when you try to sell a set of
tickets for $500, StubHub may pay you
$425 after they sell them for $1000.
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Listing Fee is $1-$10
Commission Fee is 10.2%.

For instance, they charge you
$51-60 for selling a set of
tickets for $500.
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Cost of Selling Tickets On Other Web Sites
Instructions for Posting a Indy 500 Ticket Ad:
Note: You may post other passes (such as parking or camping)
in a separate ad from your race tickets, if you wish.