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Indy 500 CARB DAY
Day 8
Friday, May 24, 2019
ET showed up from Michigan about 2 a.m.

With ET crashing on the couch, one of my dogs did not
want to go to his crate and he whined and whined.

Finally I got up and threw his ass out the door.
Then it started thunder storming, and I let him back in.
I put in ear plugs and went back to bed.
The next two nights I just left him out of his crate,
but I doubt ET will get a dog anytime soon.

When I finally got up, ET was out on the patio.

I turned coverage of the speedway on the TV.

After some coffee and breakfast, I packed my cooler
full of beer and food.

We watched  IndyCar practice, which had been delayed
some while IMS dried the track.  

Then we watched the Indy Lights race.  Wow, a photo finish!

Yes, we'd screwed around and missed both events live.

I drove up I-65 to 30th and we parked in a neighborhood alongside the
North 40.  

Gate admission went up to $35.  
There was people leaving
as we were arriving.
Turn 3 was full of tailgaiters
Photo bomb

The concert area was mostly full when I arrived.
Kool and the Gang
SHORT VIDEOS from Kool and the Gang show
There is just one guy in Foreigner who was
actually in the band.

The sun beat down on us all afternoon.
I looked around, but saw no shade.  
I was glad I brought a hat.

During the entire concert, people were
constantly moving by me through the crowd
from every direction.

People often put all their coolers together
to try and prevent these people from running
into them and knocking them over.

Where I was standing, I couldn't hear much of

The speedway puts on another big concert
the night after Carb Day.  It featues modern
country music.  

The day after that is race day and  they have
an expensive DJ show in the 3rd turn.
Good Bye Carb Day
ET and I hop on the
back of a passing
golf cart.
The flag of Sweden.  
We have two Swedish drivers in the Indy 500.  
One of them is Marcus Ericsson, car #7
(The other is Felix Rosenqvist, car #10)
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