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Indy 500
May 23, 2014
E.T.  got into town about 1 a.m. after having been up since
yesterday at 5 a.m.  (After work he had to attend his
nephew's high school graduation in Michigan before
driving to Indy.)  He crashed on my couch and I finally
sacked out at 4:40 a.m.

Ron and Maggie wanted to go to the track with us today.  
I had told them we'd leave at noon.

I had been planning a tropical party at my house for tonight.  
I got a band to play and was going to be making grilled
pineapple teryaki chicken.  In case you don't know it,
throwing a party can be a time-consuming ordeal as well
as expensive.  I'm the type of person who has to have
everything just right and noon came and went and I had
more things to get done.  So, everyone else wanted to

Ron drove E.T. to the track in hopes of catching the Indy
Lights race.  Maggie said she'd stay behind and help me
get things done.  She wasn't interested in the race, she
was interested in seeing the band Sublime perform.  She
worked hard, but she wanted to leave at 2:30 so as to
catch all of the concert.  She was not too happy that I had
another hour worth of work to get done.
The weather today was perfection, as was the evening's!

We finally left after 3pm.  
I came in on 30th Street but found the North 40 lot closed!  
I pulled in to the street that runs parallel to it.  
I drove down toward where there is a gate and parked on the street for free.

They had closed the ticket booth already and they let us in for free!  That saved me $60!

The Speedway moved the concert to the 4th turn this year.  
They built a huge new stage.  
They also erected a couple of stands to either side, which is for suite owners only.

The place was packed and the band was playing.  
Everyone was having a great time.  
I had no sooner walked in, than I  spotted my friend Jen.  
She was in the VIP stands and at the very edge where I could
see her.  (She's easy to spot with her bright fuscia-colored hair.)  
She saw me and motioned to Tim, her boyfriend.  He came
down and handed Maggie and I two passes to get into the stands!  
How perfect!  The stands provided a great view of everything.

Apparently all my other friends, including E.T. and Ron, were
sitting at the back, upon the grassy viewing hills.

We were fortunate that Sublime with Rome waited to play their hits,
so we got to hear our favorites.  

There was a bar set up at the end of the stands for people in the

Soon, the second act came on.  
It was Sammy Hagar and the Wabos.  
Their first song was "I Can't Drive 55!"
We left before it was over with so that we could beat the traffic and get home for the party.

We got out with no trouble, put the top down and cranked some reggae music all the way home.

My friends and neighbors came over to eat and party.  The band was great and they played till
1 a.m.  They were really loud, but my neighbors are so cool, no police were ever called.  
We had a firepit and tiki torches and a cornhole game too.  
Sublime with Rome
Sammy Hagar and the Wabos
Carb Day Casualty
The band that played my After Carb Day Party.