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20th Running of the
Brickyard 400
July 28, 2013
The Miller Lite Party Deck is a party area that sits by
itself in the infield of the 4th Turn.  It has been around
now for several years and used at both the Indy 500 and
the Brickyard 400.

Using an old large restroom building, a enforced roof
and a staircase has been installed and most of the
inside has been cleared out to make room for a bar that
serves beer and soft drinks.  Part of the old women's
restroom remains which means the mens' side does not
have urinals.

In addition, a music stage, sand volleyball court and
cornhole game has been set up.

Lawn chairs are scattered about, but not enough for the
crowd that attends.  Attendance requires a special pass
and entitles you to some pizza and 3 beers.  Soft drinks
are free.  I have never figured out how to get a pass, but
this year found some on eBay for $75 which included
the $30 general admission ticket.  I bought two.
The Fox News stage
near the 4th turn infield.
The Miller Lite Party Deck is ran by girls.

Here is the entrance where you trade your pass for a
wristband and tickets for pizza, chips and beer.
People played volley ball through out the day.
Michie and I left my house at 11:30 and took I-65 to
30th Street.  There was still room to park for free in
the back of the North 40, but I pulled into the street
just east of it and parked further south toward the
track in someone's yard to save some walking.

Temperature was around 70 degrees.
Once inside the track, we
hired a pedicab to take us
over to the Party Deck

(I wish I'd had bills smaller
than $20 as the pedicab and
the parking price was left up
to me.)
This is the top of the party deck.
Shade and chairs were provides as were two beer bars.
It provided a decent view of the track.

The chairs were all taken and after I got tired of
standing,  we went back downstairs to the ground.
Once we moved to ground level, we got lucky and
grabbed a couple lounge chairs.

Due to the inside wall, we could only see the top of
the stock cars go by.

We finally turned our chairs around and just
watched the jumbotron TV.
The US Gov't stopped providing fly-overs this year, so
the speedway has to hire plane owners.

This year's flyover was this lone WWII B-25 bomber.
Once the race cars got strung out around the
course, the constant drone of their loud engines
was annoying to me.

The band was good and helped drown it out if you
got close enough.  So I wanted to move there, but
Michie wanted to try some other areas.  She also
was kind of cold and wished she'd brought a
jacket.  There were lots of clouds today.  I got
sunburned though
We hiked to the nearby Tower Terrace and watched
some pit stops.  It was a MUCH better spot to see
some action.
We left the Tower Terrace to check out a gift shop.
The simple jackets were $100.  The cheapest T-shirt
was $15.  The only thing I bought were a pair of ear

These stock cars are super loud and you really need
ear protection!

The Nascar boys use these pit lane garages instead of
the IndyCar garages.  They have it all fenced off.
There did not appear to be much passing and I didn't
see any wrecks.  Seemed like a pretty fast and boring

The pole winner, Ryan Newman, won the race,
beating out Jimmie Johnson.

Here is the smoke as Newman does a victory burn-out
by the finish line.
As we were walking back to my car, this guy was
posing.  Don't know who he is, but he looks like he
had a good time.

We had no traffic trouble going to or leaving the track

We dropped the top and went downtown where we ate
at the Old Spagetti Factory.
View from atop the Party Deck.
The race was over at least by 4 pm.  It had
started after 1 pm.

We were lucky and found another pedicab to
take us down to the north exit.