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2008 ALLSTATE 400 at the Brickyard
July 27th
E.T. drove down this week.  We attended the RUSH
concert Thursday night at Deer Creek outdoor
ampitheater.  They were great!

We didn't get to the track for practice or qualifying on
Friday and Saturday.  We did go to a cigar martini bar
downtown that was pretty smoky.  We looked for Italian
restaurants Saturday and tried several different
fettucini alfredo dishes that day.  (Everything at
Provolones was EXCELLENT!)  Saturday night, we watched
three Quentin Tarantino movies that E.T. had never seen.  
I went to bed last night at about 2 am, right after we'd
just started the third film.  E.T. stayed up and watched it
all.  Consequently I was the first up in the morning.

We took our time and left for the track about noon.
The race starts at 2pm (although technically they didn't
start until 2:22.)
We took I-465 around to 38th street, then to Moller, then
30th and into the coke lot.  We encountered ZERO
traffic!  I was quite surprised.  The lot was not full, unlike
this year's Indy 500.
The weather was clear and sunny and hot -
about 85 degrees.

Many people were seeking shade before the
race was to start.

I bought a big beer and a hamburger for $4
each and an icecream cone for $3.  (a
refreshing change after having attended three
concerts in the past week at three different
venues where a beer cost $10 each!)
Turn 3  had a lot of vacancies in the seats.

However, it was full in the 4th turn where I was.
Daniel Rodriguez performed the national
anthem with four F-15E Fighting Eagles from
the 334th Fighter Squadron, Seymour Johnson
AFB in Goldsboro, NC providing the flyover.
Parade Lap through T4
Irma and Henry are some nice people that sat
behind me in Stand J, section 27, row Z.
They come to the track often, even though they
live in Texas.
With 50 laps to go, ET and I headed over
to the pits.
We sat in the Tower Terrace as close to
the tower as we could get.
This guy was gluing washers to nuts.
Somehow ET got one of the nuts and gave it
to me.
Jimmie Johnson had been fastest all weekend
and he won the pole position.  So it was that he
also won his 2nd Brickyard 400.
While the weather started out very hot, it did
cool and a nice breeze developed.
The Goodyear tires had a serious problem on the speedway's
diamond ground track.  After some wrecks caused by tire
blow-outs, NASCAR implemented a mandatory caution every
11 laps so that the cars could change tires.  
Juan Pablo Montoya Pit Stop
Jimmie Johnson's burn-out!
Rookie Dave Blaney
A.J. Allmendinger
Reed Sorenson
Matt Kenseth
Bobby Labonte