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Allstate 400 At The Brickyard
Sunday July 29th 2007
It was a nice sunny day in Indianapolis.  
Temperatures were in the 80's.

I want to send a big thank you out to Henry and
Irma, from Houston Texas, who provided 2 great
tickets for me.  

My friend Jeff went with me.  We left my house at

10th Street looked pretty full from I-465.
There was a traffic jam at the Crawfordsville
Road exit.  
I passed these by and was surprised to find the
38th street exit empty.  NASCAR fans must not
read my parking tips!

Jeff wanted to park at his friends house, so I
drove to 22nd and Lynhurst.  

Blimps and airplanes pulling banners filled the
sky.  There was also a high plane spelling out the
word "ALLSTATE" in smoke.
I was surprised at the long line of people waiting
to get into the stands.  I ate the hamburger I'd just
bought as I waited to get into the North West
Vista.   We sat in Section 2, Row M.  I was in seat
20, which was next to seat 22, of section 3.

They release balloons for this event, like they do
for the Indy 500.

They held a long moment of silence for Bill
France before they played "America" and the
national anthem.  The flyover was a little late.  I'm
not sure what kind of jets they were.

The 43-car field was divided into two groups for
the parade lap.   The stock cars were lined up
two-wide on the grid as opposed to the Indy 500's
three-wide start.
A sliding car covered my area in white smoke
temporarily, but long enough to blind us from
seeing the wreck that occurred.  Here is a photo
of the aftermath once the smoke blew away.  I
believe this wreck involved Ryan Newman.

This is a colorful event.

I was surprised to see empty seats in some of the
less popular areas.

Tony Stewart won this race again.
The Miller Party Deck was being used again,
as it was at this year's Indy 500.  I need to
figure out how to get into that!

NASCAR sure brings a lot more mobile
homes than the other race leagues.
I haven't seen the Goodyear Blimp in a long time.  
I remember when it used to show up for the Indy
500.  That was probably back in the 80's.   
Indycars  race strictly on Firestone tires these
I packed a cooler full of beer in large
cans:  Molson XXX, Sapporo, Bellhaven
Irish Ale and Fosters.  I had a bunch of
icepacks in it.   I also took my big

Jeff and I hung out by the car for awhile
and talked to his friend John and drank
some beer.  John had brought a lot of
jello shots and threw some into my

As luck would have it, as we began our
trek toward the track, some guy in a
pickup truck gave us a lift.  He was
making money hauling fans who had
parked far away.  Excellent!